Sunday, April 1

raising an eyebrow?

Because it was soooooo fashionable in my teens to have a perfect arch of neat 1920s-style eyebrows, mine remain hopelessly thin and over-plucked.

If I want them to look less like a surprised pair of hump-back bridges it entails ages spent painstakingly pencilling in the gaps- like playing Join The Dots on my brow.

I mentioned this to the hairdresser yesterday when, united by circumstance, we were having a mutual moan about what fashion had done to our ageing bods.

To solve the problem she suggested having brows cosmetically tattooed.

Probably not a surprising suggestion since she was wearing false lashes, fingernails, toenails, permanent eye and lip liner, hair extensions, fake tan and boobies

but surely

                          she didn't mean

                                                                 like this. . .???


Hesta Nesta said...

My goodness I bet having lip liner and eye liner permanently tattooed must be so painful! The lengths some women go to :) yes I think you were right the Blandford fly got me, I looked it up on line and there are some suitably gory pictures of bites that resembled my foot..Yuk! Have a lovely day.
Jo xx

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

By the time we get to our age we've learned to live with our earlier mistakes and that beauty comes from within...
Try bangs that will cover the brows.
Have a great week.
Susan x

OhSoVintage said...

Well actually I did (fleetingly) consider tattooed eyebrows when I lost all mine several years ago. But the permanence of it put me off and I am soooo glad I didn't. It's not really that noticeable that I don't have any except when I am upset and they go VERY red! It is also surprising that I am actually a second cousin of Denis Healey, famed for his thick bushy eyebrows.

nilly said...

Having a touch of the "Dennis Healey" look myself, I knit my brows when I first heard of "eyebrow threading". OK, I know what that is now, but at the time it did occur to me that mine are luxuriant enough to knot a little macrame curtain maybe...

thriftwood said...

Just trying to imagine what the tattooed eyeliner and lip liner will look like when she's older ... Not a good look I wouldn't think, best to grow old gracefully xx

Susan T said...

I work on the basis that If I don't frighten anyone I am good to go. Tattoo's not a sophisticated option.

Joanne said...

Such a joy to stop by and visit you again!
You really made me smile with this post. I am the opposite to you, I have too much eyebrow hair and I really don't know how women can pluck their eyebrows, it's so painful.
I can remove a few hairs, but my eyes begin to water if I remove anymore!
An eyebrow tattoo sounds a good idea. ;-)
I hope you are enjoying the sun. Have a lovely week.
Best wishes,

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

OOOh Darling! I have my eyebrows tattooed and it is fabulous, almost like having a facelift. Not painful, they do not look dark, only like they are lightly pencilled in, it lasts 3 years and I am on my second round. Got it from groupon so a bargain this time around!

Jo ? Hesta, I will show you mine when I see you next as I have had them years! Boobs next me thinks ;-D

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Hi Elaine, thanks for the lovely comment as usual. Glad you liked your bunting it seems to be breeding in my house at the moment! Your post here had me in stitches as although mine are a little fuller(I never dared pluck as a teenager with my eyesight)the silver in my hair appears to be spreading to my brows but not in an even sleak way but randomly so I now look as though I have pulled great lumps out!! Perhaps I should ask the hairdresser to dye them all grey when I next go to save waiting!!

BadPenny said...

Luckily my eyebrows didn't get too damaged but these days look a bit thin & faded !

Purrfect Haven said...

oh my... its when one is old and the skin wrinkly.. that I wonder about the world of tattoos... (again)... certainly not for me! Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

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