Saturday, May 26


lots of this

plus this

means no more of this

for this.

We get to use this

instead of this


until this.



Susan T said...

Brilliant. Sorry about the lack of steak and kidney pie and the like, cooking in a microwave is just not on is it, but a small price to pay perhaps for owning a gorgeous Aga, cooker envy here.

Vintagemaison said...

Yep - we have let our Boski go out and tucked it up until the autumn. It will sit there now until its annual clean by Little and Large, the chimney sweeps so we get our precious certificate for the insurance policy. Life is full of red tape in France - even to get the chimney swept!

sue15cat said...

I didn't know for a minute if you were talking about global warming or just your Aga going off for the Summer.

I miss my Aga since we moved and we never turned her off, she ran the hot water system for the house, so we just opened more windows and she sat purring and throwing off her heat all year round.

I must say we are using our Remoska much more than the cooker now, it saves money and doesn't heat up the whole kitchen. If you are going to miss pies buy a Remoska, it cooks them beautifully.

Sue xx

Jee said...

I'd like to turn the heating off, but M-i-law insists she's cold - when not asking me to open the windows. We may well go bankrupt!

Hesta Nesta said...

Yes I too have turned off my beloved AGA...sniff....sob. Even the Pugs are sitting by it ever hopeful!
Jo xx

Menopausalmusing said...

One of the houses that I clean has a deep cerise coloured Rayburn. Hot or cold, I lust after the thing......

Sylvia said...

We're enjoying nice sunny weather too :-)

BadPenny said...

We had an Aga in the freezing house we lived in for a while in Scotland when I was very young & cosy it was too. I have my oven on at the moment & all windows & doors open !

Debs said...

Very funny and clever post. Made me smile. We're into the brrrr weather here now. :)

Maria said...

Hi, a cute funny post.
Thans for making me smile!
Maria x

Purrfect Haven said...

ha ahah, loved your post... what a good way to smile in the morning (me, when visiting your blog). love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

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