Sunday, May 13

I'm-not-buying-just-looking. . .

Saturday morning I met Julie for coffee and a catchup

Two doors up from Costa,
the United Reform Church was holding a Coffee Morning
so we went in there and had
latte, fruit tea and gorgeous ginger flapjacks all for £1.20

The lady at the next table had brought her knitting
as you do
and we giggled and gossipped and decided church coffee mornings
were the way to go
and Morning Coffee was the new Afternoon Tea

Then we thought a quick troll round the shops would be in order
"not to buy- just to have a look"
(why do we even bother to say that?)
and headed for the rather nice shoe shop

Now, I spend the winter in wellies, sheepskin biker boots,
black riding boots and as many pairs of socks
 chilblains will allow

between seasons its brogues and woolly tights

Summer wear is scuffies, flip-flops

and for special girly  occasions. . .
ballet flats

So how come
when they're high
and not what I wear
when its cold and wet and not at all summery
and there's no room for socks or tights (woolly or otherwise)
and my toes look like Hobbit's feet
when I can't walk in them
when my back will hurt
and my gammy knee will get gammier
and my ankles will twist
and I'll fall off them without any straps
and I was

how come I came home with these?


KC'sCourt! said...

Now I would have chosen those! I had a pair similar to that when I was about sixteen and they were the most comfortable footwear I ever had!
Julie xxxxxxxx

Liz said...

Well, we all need something different sometimes! They are lovely.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

foreveryoung said...

.....because they are absolutely fabulous and I wish I had seen them first! Anyway, after those wellingtons you deserve them! Ann x

Maria said...

They are just the the job!! He He us girls are all the same! xMariax

Letticeleaf said...

What a simply stunning post. Made me roar. What is it about shoes that excites?


Menopausalmusing said...

Because you heard THAT muffled call from within the shoe box: "Elaine............ Elaine........ ELAINE....... come and get us... you KNOW you have to....."

Susan T said...

I think it is called a triumph of hope over experience. Gorgeous shoes though.

lynda said...

gorgeous shoes! I have the same problems as you but a bad ankle instead. I find they are better to walk on than a tiny pointy heel! Walk carefully and enjoy (I think falling ogg a pair of these shoes started the ankle problem in the first place but I still use them!!)(I can't wear riding boots to dressy events, unfortunately!!)

Su said...

Because they're gorgeous that's why! And if you really can't wear them for walking in you'll just have to wear them for sitting down in :-)!

carrad said...

Because there is a tiny bit of even the most intelligent woman's brain that is solely dedicated to shoes ... (and, yes, I meant the sole bit to be amusing!) xxx

Sherri B. said...

It's because you are a 'girl', that's why! They will look great when the sun is out and you have a cute summer dress or skirt and the picnic basket and you will 'carefully' walk in them and not bother your knee if you don't wear them for more than 30 min. (I take mine off in the car.) And your feet will not look like hobbits with your toe nails painted up. Now go and have fun! xo

thriftwood said...

Because they're lovely, and will make you feel fab! Enjoy them , loveClaire xx

polkadotpeticoat said...

You have some great shoe choices Momma!!

MelMel said...

Fab wedges!

elegancemaison said...

Oh wow I love them! Good choice Ms Bunny. "Window shopping" - wot that? lol!

sue15cat said...

....because they are SO pretty!!

Sue xx

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Do you know Elaine I love you in a comfy jumper/favourite blanket kind of way! First you make me feel so much better about my blogging (or rather non blogging) with your very sweet and infinitely sensible comment, and now you show me that there's a fashion diva there waiting to burst on to the summer scene come what may! My penchant for being in sloppy Jo and pumps one day and then a 50s dress and heels the next now seems almost sane. Love, love those wedges. Xx

BadPenny said...

Wow I love them ! I like your brogues too !

Melissa said...

Because they are absolutely gorgeous!

delia hornbook said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha bless your heart sometimes they say a change is as good as a rest ;-)) Enjoy them, dee x

sandiart said...

Haha, that made me laugh. They are pretty gorg tho' I have gone back to the 'heel' after many years of work type boots. I thought my feet and body would protest, but it hasn't been too bad, so you may be pleasantly surprised.
xx Sandi

Country Cottage Chic said...

Because they look good! They can be your sitting-down shoes!

Mrs. Sutton said...

Because they NEEDED a good home, and it would have been uncharitable not to. Besides - you saved AT LEAST £5 by not going to Costa, so it all balances out in the end - AND you went to church (albeit for cake!)
Paula x

Trixie@ the vintage bothy said...

Yes because you did the right and proper thing with supporting a local tea place and not a massive chain, you were destined for a treat. I would have!!
T x

Mimi and Tilly said...

Because they are completely fab! I can't walk in heels at all and wear converse pumps every day. Not long ago I got distracted by a pair of bright red suede ankle boots with killer heels. They sit in a corner of my bed room and I adore them each time I walk past, and give them a little fuss. I've never worn the bleeders. I've really enjoyed catching up on your posts today. The little silver purse is so poignant. I'm so glad to have found you on ebay! I have a perfect spot for a chicken feeder herb garden! ♥

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