Friday, June 15

the power of Chicken Soup

you know how things pop into your mind
at the strangest times
in the strangest places
with a free will all their own
and leave you standing there
muttering and spluttering
and wondering what on earth happened in the depths of beyond
to bring such mind numbing trivia
to the surface at this precise moment?

there I was ladling chicken soup into a bowl
wondering if positive thinking would transform
the thinnest vilest cheapest and least cheerful slice of crispbread
into a freshly baked crusty bread roll
when I recalled covering my school textbooks
with old wallpaper.

Errr. . .
how many years ago was that?

And why now?


Sherri B. said... sounds like my brain skipped the pond and hopped inside your head!...Very scary! xo

KC'sCourt! said...

Theres me thinking it was just me that sort of thing happens to. Knitting away this afternoon I was thinking of when I was sitting on the floor when I was about eight trying to make a dolly dress from a scrap of material!
Julie xxxxxxxxxx

lettice leaf said...

There was a subconscious link there
of a cranial-kind... Wot?

Bet they were covered in lincrusta or woodchip wallpaper.
And the ole grey matter had made a connection
with the sawdust crispbread. Obvious innit?


lettice leaf said...

Oh and looking back's a bad sign, try not to.

Andi's English Attic said...

Well, back in the 70's we had wallpaper that looked like Rivita. Perhaps the texture of the crispbread reminded you of your school book covers? :) xx

elegancemaison said...

This sort of 'mind leap' happens to me all the time especially when I'm only half concentrating on the task in hand. But I'm with the others re the Lincrusta/Ryvita connection!

sue15cat said...

Yep...we had Ryvita textured wallpaper in the 70s too.

I also used to cover my school books with it. We had a lazy teacher in our final year of primary school, he was brilliant!!

Every Monday morning he chucked a new exercise book at us and told us to cover it and decorate it in any way we wanted. It kept us busy all morning. In the afternoon we played rounders and cricket....EVERY DAY. I don't know how he got away with it.

Although it probably explains why I never got to the Grammer School :-)

Sue xx

The Cloth Shed said...

Mmm.."The power of chicken soup"... Initially, I thought you had dispatched the mouse killer....
Julie x

Ivy Black said...

Yep...I think it must be the crispbread paper effect. I covered my Latin book with a Damned poster and got a detention plus lines!!

Cheap2Chic said...

Yup, I'm with "The Cloth Shed" because I too thought the mouse killer had been made into soup. I have to say that I haven't eaten an egg since reading about it!!

Gena said...

This happens to me all the time! as for covering the school books with wallpaper I remember it as though it was yesterday,I can even remember the rather hideous 1970s paper! Good Lord its a wonder we didnt have constant headaches!

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Brilliant! You do have the best way of making me feel normal! It's almost like looking in the mirror. And thanks for the comment. I know our body shapes have changed drastically since the 80s, but part of the truth with me is that I wouldn't have had any chocolate left to finish off!! Do hope you enjoyed it. X

sandiart said...

Who would have thought that Chicken soup could do that!!!
xx Sandi

momto8blog said...

ha! funny how the minds wanders with our sense oct reason....did the bread transform?
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
have a great week!

Lynn Proctor said...

what a lovely post---hi i love your blog!

BadPenny said...

I loved covering my school books ( sad but true ) I did my English lit in scenes from Macbeth from the Radio Times - my teacher loved it !
Had the weirdest dream last night... must be the coleslaw I made for supper !

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