Thursday, July 12

does anyone else lurve their teatowels?

Why, you might ask, was there such cause for celebration yesterday?
Such joy, such whooping of whoops and clapping of hands?
A bottle of the sparkly stuff brought forth from the fridge
glasses clinked, bunting flown, smug satisfaction at a job WELL DONE

a new family member. . .noooooooooo
a winning ticket from Mr Lottery. . .NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
moving house/changing car/Nobel prize. . .even louder NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
an exam passed with flying colours...not a hope in hell

The reason my dear friends,
the twinkle of glee to brighten the grey
is that I braved the monsoon
ignored the thunderstorm
waded through pavements awash with summer rain
until I reached the chosen location
and with much brolly-shaking I gingerly stepped through the door
found the right department

Now, you probably all have girly-gorgeous kitchens
in which to flaunt your colour co-ordinated Cath Kidston linens
with unfettered abandon, but my teatowels have been with me
longer than most of my friends
and over the years (and years and years and years) of use and abuse
they've gone from thick to thin, then to thinner
and then. . .dare I say. . .to threadbare.

They have no fabric left in them worth boiling
they have no pattern
no colour
no wipeability
and dare I say it. . .no use
I have dusters (ah dusters- but that's another story!) that look better.

So three of the oldest and longest-wiping are
due for eviction from the dresser drawer.
No glittering ceremony or long service medals,
just an honourable retirement tied to the end of  Mark's ladder
where it rests on the back of the truck en route to decorating jobs.

Flying the flag for old teatowels everywhere!

p.s does anyone else have a thing about teatowls, or is it just me?
p.p.s I do know a certain someone who names their clothes pegs. . .



Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Let's hear it for tts. I love them too but have so many that I have to operate a one in - one out policy. When they're looking a little threadbare, I chop them up and use them for household cloths too.

Hesta Nesta said...

Yes I love tea towels too, I can never resist buying them if they are in a sale and I have too many to be decent. I have also been known to get excited over opening a new bottle of furniture polish! Enjoy the rest of your week. Loved the pic of you and Lizzie on the H&A website.
Jo xx

lettice leaf said...

Sad, sad, SAD girl. Bubbles - Yes, yes, YES! Teatowels - No, no, NO!

It was always a standing joke in our family that Auntie
Margarine (Marjorie) ALWAYS bought us a teatowel back from her holiday. We've got the lot. Enough to re-rig the newly refurbished the Cutty Sark.

There must be a Teatowel Appreciation Society helpline for you somewhere.


KC'sCourt! said...

Oh Yes fly the flag for the TeaTowel!! I use them.....not for wiping up - well yes wiping the drips from the dishes from the dishwasher, but I have a selection of linen glass cloths for Food Use Only - I use them to cover food if we have picnics - well if you call it picnics......we have picnics in the garden!
Julie xxxxx

lynda said...

Sad to say but I have masses of them that I buy when I travel...great memory of a trip and easy to transport...and I have been known to get them from a charity shop (always seem to be unused or of the vintage kind) is also just because I love FABRIC of all kinds!

Susan T said...

What is it about tea towels? I have a veritable nest of them, plus a huge stash of dusters and cleaning cloths. I think a stack of clean folded tea towels is almost a work of art, sad but there it is.

Sylvia said...

I had a lot of tea towels, most of them given as a present, all in different colors, I hate that !
Luckily no one is giving them these days, so I can buy my own, all in the same color :-)
Lots of rain here ...
Have a nice day,

Vintage Jane said...

Yes, stacks of them here too. Don't know why ... we have a dishwasher so hardly ever use them, but still buy more! M x

Sherri B. said...

Oh yes, the dish towels. Now that you mention it, I am real picky about them and wait until mine can not hold another drop of moisture. Then, go looking and reject most all of them..hmm, that is really strange. I'd better look for some today.

Now, I will be thinking of dish towels all day....thanks!

Have a good day my friend! xo

Country Cottage Chic said...

I have more tea towels than a tea towel shop (if there was such a thing!). Before I got married my mum & sister thre me a 'kitchen tea' party & asked the guests to wrap their gifts in a tea towel instead of paper - I aquired a lovely pile & in fact still have a few of them. They are gradually demoted from tea towel to duster to saddle cleaning cloths but at least they have a long & useful life!

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Well I never, I picked up one of mine that I brought back from the US many many moons ago and saw it had a hole in it. Folded it up gently and popped it back in the drawer. Maybe its time to bid a fond farewell to it but not yet...

elegancemaison said...

Yea! I also love tea towels and was sorely tempted at the Laura Ashley sale today. BUT I really only like linen or linen mix towels as they are so much more absorbent than cotton. Although I have a dishwasher I still use tea-towels quite a lot. Though of course most of the pretty printed ones are cotton.

Over the years I have sold countless French 'torchons' made from super absorbent hemp with the well known double red stripe. But now I have decided to keep my last few simple plain but beautiful 1930s/40s hemp tea towels which are slower to sell even when priced cheaper than modern cheap printed cotton towels. I love them and have decided to keep for myself as they are getting harder to find in Normandy. Cut in quarters they are brilliant face cloths used with rose or lavender water as per Dr Hauschka etc.

Kim said...

oh my gosh, you know we all have old tattered, threadbare stained and nearly departed tea towels, Elaine. Those bare threads are the sinews of strong women in the kitchen!
Tickle for Kit♥

lettice leaf said...

Wow what a line that was... 'Those bare threads are the sinews of strong woman in the kitchen!' I feel an tea towel epiphany moment coming on.

Reading all the comments, I feel a shift; come back all the long dead Cornation Street, Emmerdale, Kitchen Tips, British Birds et al. This coming from someone who only last week arrived home with a roller towel fitting and two fluffy towels to kick off. Trouble is, in my kitchen I have absolutely no where to put it!


Vintage from the Village said...

Ooooooooh yes love them !

Sue said...

I love tea towels, but maybe I'm a bit strange, I love my oldest tea towels best.

When they are new and stiff and full of colour (whatever the colour whether it be patterned or plain) they hold no love for me. I like them worn and soft, limp and well used, faded and much washed and aired on breezy washing lines.

When an old tea towels is no longer fit for its job, it vanishes for tractor maintenance wiping of oily bits etc, and then I have to break in a new friend, it can take weeks and many washes but soon I do have a new companion to sit with the others in the drawer or by the sink.

Sue xx

Menopausalmusing said...

Personally, I like the value a stripey tea towel gives....... all year round you can use it for its intended purpose and then at Christmas you can put it on your head (al la Nativity play) and "eat, drink and be Mary".......
('spect I'm banned from your blog now aren't I?)

Kim said...

OH yes, Lettice Leaf...I felt the tea towel epiphany coming on and I let it flow! Elaine is a great inspiration to me and since you both said such kind words about my post, I feel rejuvenated again..thought I had lost my blogging touch for a while..but I feel it coming back!

Kim said...

You just can't help to love your oldest, rattiest tea towels! I think we are the Tea Towel Appreciation Society!

OhSoVintage said...

Great post! I do have tea towels in the drawer that I haven't used as they are too nice to use and have to be kept in their pristine condition for at least 2 years before actually being used! I also have a pretty CK tea towel hanging on the back of my kitchen door and was horrified when a man used it to dry his hands but then he wouldn't understand the concept of those you use and those you don't, would he?
Ruth x

Mimi and Tilly said...

I have an irrational love of teatowels. I have those that I love because they perform their task so well, those that I hang on hooks in my kitchen for floral display and that are never used (I know), and those that have been so well-used I can't part with them, they are part of the familiar fabric (scuse the pun) of my life, so I totally understand your thoughts here! I love buying new teatowels. Thank you for your lovely words on my last post. It did take a lot of hard work to get to the pink, and it really touched me that you would know and understand the journey made. Em ♥

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