Thursday, August 23

letting go

We recently did a large House Clearance, and in
the hottest weather of the "summer" I was upto my eyeballs
 in dusty boxes in someone else's attic
(as someone remarked "like a pig in s..t")
and amongst the vanloads of vintage goodies we brought home
were a 1957 HMV record player/valve radio with original guarantee,
5 record players circa 1970s, 8 cases of vinyl LPs
and a stack of old 78 records.

The clearance took a full week with many runs to the tip
(and yes, I did bring a few irresistible things home!)
but with the property eventually emptied, swept through and
looking somewhat lighter and brighter than we had found it,
the next task was sorting through the treasures we'd taken home.

An advert in our local paper for Old Record Players Wanted
was duly answered and Bill came over on Sunday,
bought all the players, some of the LPs and 78s and asked
if we had any more LPs we wanted to sell?

Ted and I looked at each other. . .
our own vinyl collections had been relegated to the store room
many years ago after we'd replaced favourites with CDs.
At one time we'd bought a record player and had an orgy of
70s music blasting through the house but the sound quality
wasn't brilliant and our tastes had changed. . .

So Bill bought our LPs too, and I was pleased to have
a bit more room and a bit more money.

I think it was about an hour after he'd left that it hit home;
for the first time in some 40 years I didn't have my LPs.
So carefully chosen. So avidly played.
So cherished and loved and treasured.
And sold.
Each of those albums entwined with SO many memories,
where I was. . .who I was with . . .who I was. . .
all that teenage angst, moving out of home, first broken heart
all the other broken hearts, first marriage, divorce-
a whole other life really.

And yet I still have the songs, I still have the memories,
so why do I feel soooooo bereft because I no longer have
a circle of plastic surrounded by a cardboard sleeve???

Van Morrison Roy Harper Jackson Browne Nils Lofgren Supertramp
Millie Jackson David Bowie Dire Straits Allman Brothers Neil Young
Phoebe Snow Natalie Cole Frank Zappa Grateful Dead Rico Rodriguez
 King Crimson Roxy Music Gerry Rafferty Steeleye Span James Taylor
Crosby Stills & Nash Malcolm Mclaren Grace Jones Madness T Rex
Bob Marley Leon Russell Eno The Kinks Black Sabbath
and all the rest. . .I know you'll be loved in new homes but. . .


Sue said...

You should buy yourself something with the money that will remind you of them all, a vintage concert poster or something similar, and then you can sit and look at it and remember.

Sometimes it's good to let go, think of the space!!

I'm having a last mad clear out ready for the last car boot of the season for us next week, it's very cathartic.

Sue xx

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

The LPs maybe gone but the songs and the memories shall remain forever in your heart.

sandiart said...

Oh it would have been the artwork on the sleeves and not so much the vinyl (seeing as how you have replaced the favs) that I would miss, not quite the same with cd's. Love the list of vinyls that you had. 'fair took me back'
xx Sandi

KC'sCourt! said...

Glad to hear the radio and record players went to a good home!

They say other peoples stuff is more interesting than your own, bet you had a a whale of a time, but bet it was hard work too!
Julie xxxxxxxx

Ivy Black said...

Oh I know! What is it with LP's? I can't part with my collection yet mainly because I still have a half decent record player and my kids are slowly discovering the joys of vinyl.
I will let go one day though.
At least you got some dosh for them and the music is still there.

Carol Dent said...

We share the same taste in music! Mine are all in the loft, and I have just recently added my Mum's old records to the stack. I don't even have anything to play them on!

nilly said...

You've sent me scuttling to Youtube - now I'm sobbing along to "Late For The Sky" - Jackson's anthem to a failed relationship! Exquisite pain!

menopausalmusing said...

"Heart of Gold" - Neil Young...... sigh......... Roxy Music.... sigh..........

Poor you to have been up in an attic during the heat. I would have felt murderous!

BadPenny said...

Yep I felt the same when I sold all of mine at a car boot sale in Spain... I'd moved them out there, never got them out of their boxes so didn't want to move them back !
Husband's father kept his ...and played them !!!

Nana Go-Go said...

OMG! I can't believe I've found someone who also likes Millie Jackson! She was a one, wasn't she but what a voice. Wonder if she's still recording?
I just bought 'Court and Spark' on CD but it's not quite the same as when I first bought it on vinyl. Memories indeed.Have a good weekend.

Sylvia said...

I know all of them, Elaine ... oh, all those memories indeed !
We gave our LP's away, hope I'll never regret it ...
Nice Sunday,

Pomona said...

Back in the 90s I gave mine away to someone doing a charity boot fair - and yes, now I do regret it, but then I would never have played them as I don't have a turntable any more. But I loved the artwork, and the coloured plastic - Itunes is just not the same!!

Pomona x

Lynn Proctor said...

wonderful memories :)

delia hornbook said...

aahh bless your heart i can understand just how you feel having them around is like a friend. You should buy something nice to remind you of them and give you a similar meaning. dee xx

Vintage Jane said...

Just catching up ... ! I sold all my vinyl (bar 6 treasured ones) about 10 years ago and sincerely regret it now. The Mr won't part with his for love nor money and we're now considering buying a record player again! M x

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