Tuesday, September 11


sometimes, your creative mojo lies dormant
it doesn't even turn its nose up with disdain
at sewing suggestions
or mutter a mental whatever
at painting projects
it just stays there
doing nothing
saying nothing
thinking nothing
creating nothing
until you really really REALLY think
that this time you've lost it for good
 really for good
all the reallys in the universe for good

and then for no apparent reason
you get that stool out of the shed
"why did I even bother to bring it home from the tip?"
as you begin the berating process once again
a look clicks
and its a sunny day
so if you  brushed a tad of paint over the legs
it wouldn't involve any creativity
just a mundane chore. . .with colour

 the rust fades
 and visions of a 60s kitchen flick thru your mind
and that scrap of wallpaper
(that was lining a drawer in your stepfather's house)
might come in useful
and it wouldn't involve any creativity
just glue and scissors

and then

and then

and then

and then

and then

and then you know its back



Sue said...

....and back with a vengeance!!

Lovely things all of them, well done.

Welcome back Mojo!!

Sue xx

Ivy Black said...

And then some! What lovely things. Very taken with the stoll/steps makeopver.
I think it's the time of year, don't you? I certauinly have a snoozing mojo ove rthe summer and then bam! Autumn starts to appear and I'm off!

elegancemaison said...

Phew indeed! And the 'lost mojo' feeling so well described. I wish I could get mine back too.

So envious of your lovely results - maybe I shall be able to take inspiration from you...Cx

thriftwood said...

Love the steps ... glad your mojo's back, I worry sometimes I've lost it, but then look at a lovely blog, get inspiration and I'm off! No, where is that old wooden tray ....


Hesta Nesta said...

Welcome back to your making Mojo, can you please go looking for mine, it seems to have done a runner! Love the steps and the 50's cushion.
Jo xx

Andi's English Attic said...

Wowzie, Wowzie, Wowzie. xx

Minerva Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

Know just how you feel, hard to get motivated with all this changing weather stuff. You have done well! Fab pieces and love that cushion made from the horsey scarf. x

Vintage Jane said...

Lovely makeovers. Isn't it funny how sometimes you just need to stop thinking and trying and then the inspiration comes ... M x

menopausalmusing said...

That's Mojos for you!!!

Melissa said...

Well, haven't you been busy. LOVE the kitchen stool!

Sherri B. said...

And it is back in a BIG way..Wow! You are full speed ahead now and on a roll.

Thanks for showing us that thought process, I really needed it as I am kind of stuck and a bit panicked with thoughts like..."Why did you ever think you were creative...you were just fooling yourself?".
As you went through the process a smile came over my face as I remembered how it happens...It happens when you 'start'.

I enjoy seeing all of the lovelies you created when you 'started'. xo

lettice leaf said...

Love the words, pure poetry.

Back with a vengeance I'd say!


nilly said...

ha Ha! I hope I remain an old bat with a hyperactive mojo for many more years.

Sylvia said...

Everything turned out beautiful, Elaine !
I love the way you describe that feeling, it made me smile :-)
Nice evening,

Kim said...

Love this post, Elaine! You've got it back!

KC'sCourt! said...

Wow! you did well!
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Country Style Living said...

I know that feeling all too well, hopefully mine will return soon too. Lovely makeovers Elaine...

ilovemyhouse said...

I hear you on losing that creative mojo. We both found it back!
Great job.


BadPenny said...

Horray !

Country Cottage Chic said...

Your Mojo is back indeed! Lovely goodies.

The Vintage Bazaar said...

Wow, that is what i call a creative campaign! Well done that woman. (and thank you for your blog comment.. see ya soon!) Liz x

Favourite Vintage Finds said...

Well done! Love it all! xo

Mimi and Tilly said...

Yay!!!! My creative mojo skips town fairly often and then hops back on the bus and all is well again. And, yes, thermals since July makes so much sense. Em xxxx Your beautiful creative projects look amazing, every one of them, but I especially love the green lamp shade and stand. xx

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