Tuesday, October 23

I'm selling on Saturday at Trull near Taunton!

After the overwhelming success of the last
run by Lizzie and Claire from The Vintage Bazaar
I couldn't wait to have another stall!

on Saturday 27th October the fair is being held once again
and I've been madly sorting through heaps of linens,
vintage clothes and textiles, boxes & baskets, beads & buttons,
sewing cabinets, projects-in-waiting and household wants.

I'm not best suited to an artfully arranged stall as my selling technique
has always been pile-it-high-and-sell-it-cheap,
so I feel no need to apologise for doing just that!
Having recently finished clearing the entire contents of a large house
and attics for someone drastically down-sizing 
I've got more stock than I have houseroom (or shedroom!)
so this is a great chance to grab a bargain and enable
my sitting room and guest bedroom to be
just that once again, hopefully in time for Christmas! 

It will be really great to meet up with old friends and customers again
and meet some new ones

so if you can fight your way thru the chaos that will undoubtedly be me,
please come and say hello
The location is

Look forward to seeing you there!


Vintage Jane said...

Hope you have a fab day. I would have loved to come along but am selling elsewhere on Sat. M x

KC'sCourt! said...

I'll come and say hello!
Please let me know where you will be in the hall?
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Fading Grace said...

It was looking dodgy but I will be there!! am skipping my way through this week, as soooo excited
p.s Is this Normal!? x

Rose H (UK) said...

I do SO wish I lived much nearer...love the look of those blue & white serving plates - and the prices!
I'm sure you'll have a successful day.
Rose H

Ivy Black said...

I wish I lived nearer, I'm dying to do this one and to say hello. Sooooo much lovely stuff.
Have a good one.

Sue said...

Wow...what a lot of stock you have......happy selling.

Sue xx

Gena said...

I too wish I lived nearer,it all looks heavenly!

Sylvia said...

Have a great day, Elaine, lots of success !

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Hi Elaine, thanks for the lovely comment as always. I really do count my blessings and know how lucky I am to have such a lovely craft space. It will get used though, a lot!
I too wish I was nearer to come to your jumble and say hello. I even checked out trains etc but by the time I arrived you would all have been long gone. Perhaps I will get to meet you on one of our trips down south. I will certainly try to persuade DH to travel that way one day soon. Good luck. Although by the looks of all that fantastic stock you won't need it. Xx

The Cloth Shed said...

With those prices you should have an empty van to go home in...sooo reasonable.
Have a happy rag and remnant rummage sale on Saturday.
Julie x

YONKS said...

Who has been a busy girl? I don't know where you get the energy, I'm exhausted just looking at that lot. Good luck, it looks like you have some amazing bargain prices there. Looking forward to your after-sale update please :-)

nilly said...

That's me too - pile it high, sell it cheap! In fact, when we do a fair, Mr N sends me off to do some buying (hooray!) It's far too dangerous to leave me selling - I give it all away.

the vanilla squirrel said...

...scrummy things to rummage....wish i could be there...good luck i think you will have an amazing day.....:)

Hazel said...

I must tell my sister- she's over that direction! I spy a few treasures I'd like too :)

*waves hello* from a new follower, Hazel x

Greenorchid said...

Great stuff you have...Oh how I wish I were able to come and rummage and say hello... I used to live just down the hill from Trull... When I finally get my little van and have my mobile bed I will come... wishing fun to all you lucky pips!

OhSoVintage said...

I'm sure I'd find lots to buy from all those lovely things you have photographed but I won't be there! Hope you do well.

BadPenny said...

What lovely goodies. Hope you have a great day xx

lettice leaf said...

Allsorts... my sort of a stall. All these artisical arrangements are very nice... don't do much for the soul though!

Have a great day. One day, just one day, this vision will stand before you and as you shrink away behind the stand, you will know that perhaps in blogland it's better to love from afar and never meet! Although it's nearly Halloween, the Witch won't ride your way this time!


The Vintage Bazaar said...

"Household wants" that is a fantastic description!! Liz x

Mumxie said...

Exciting! I'll be there with pile of tweed and bits of haberdashery. I'll look for your red shelves and come and say hello. If I'm quick enough I might get that wood cutlery tray.

elegancemaison said...

I do wish I could visit your stand as it's always enticing but sadly the date clashes with another for me this weekend. Good Luck - I'm sure you'll do well with all those lovely treasures. Cx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Looks great....wish I was coming!
Have a good day.

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