Monday, October 15

little voice

ok, so picture the scene. . .

our doctors surgery is undergoing a total refurb.

The attached, small Boots Chemist is metamorphosing into a bigger Boots Chemist,
the waiting room is having a facelift (and new magazines?)
and the treatment rooms are all being re-jigged.

At the same time they've installed a new computer system
so you can't book anything online or request repeat prescriptions
or arrive without seeing a receptionist.

The entrance has been moved round the side
so you have to negotiate a series of makeshift doorways
ramps and temporary walkways,
there's no parking
and the doctors are holding consultations in portacabins,
arranged like a wagon train round the car park.

Last week, due to brick dust, the "waiting room"
was al-fresco under a gazebo
(which eventually collapsed in the rain).

And needless to completion date is well overdue.

So the reception and dispensary are amalgamated in the waiting room
with queues for each snaking around seated people awaiting appointments
and there's a bit of a wartime spirit because everyone is pretty much
in everyone else's face.
With an attempt at wry humour there's a huge skeleton in the centre,
wearing a fluoro jacket proclaiming the benefits of flu jabs.

I was at the back of the prescription queue and had been for some time.
I chatted to the lady behind me who told me about
spending 2 hours waiting for bananas during the war,
but her stamina waned this time and she went home.

I practised my Pilate's posture and spent a few minutes
feeling worthy by doing pelvic floor exercises, as you do.

Then the man at the front lost his rag.
He'd waited patiently, they'd lost his prescription, the doctor was "out"
and they asked him to pop back in 20 minutes.

I could sort of see where he was coming from as he had his rant.
With a a humdinger of a tantrum gaining momentum
he told the dispensary staff they were all absolutely disgraceful,
totally incompetent and completely hopeless
and with an all-encompassing flourish
turned to the long line of people zig-zagging around the room
and said
"and all these people agree with me"

I heard
a little voice
speak up
and say

I don't agree with you"

And then there was silence.

"I don't agree with you", I said again, a bit louder.
"They're doing their best,
and the longer you shout at them
the longer we all have to wait
so just GET OVER it".

Then someone started clapping
and I went bright red
and the man stalked off in a huff
and we all got on with our day
like nothing had happened.

And I'm still not quite sure where that little voice came from
but sometimes,
just sometimes
you have to say it don't you


Liz said...

Well done! Sometimes little voices need to be heard.
Liz & Shortbread & Ginger

KC'sCourt! said...

I did the same thing once too - to my then boss! She was fine about it too!
Julie xxxxxxx

Hesta Nesta said...

Good for you Miss Bunny, well done! Have a great week.
Jo xx

Greenorchid said...

Yes I feel it is good to speak out too... glad your voice was supported! Sadly that's not always the case... Cx

Vintage Jane said...

Just brilliant! Good on you for standing up and making your voice heard. M x

Gretel said...

Hooray! Totally brilliant! :)

foreveryoung said...

Well done you. We all feel like that sometimes, but just keep quiet like all the rest. We need folk like you to make us wake up and speak up for ourselves. Feel very proud. Ann x

lettice leaf said...

Good for you lassie! This tale was better than any pill, it's quite cheered me up this morning.

Haven't time to chat; just remembered I need to rush off to the doctors to get the ointment for my BIG voice.


WinnibriggsHouse said...

If only I could be that brave! Good for you! I remember when smoking was still allowed In workplaces and one of my bosses (at M&S no less) announced ' don't mind if I smoke do you', and not waiting for a reply which she obviously didn't expect proceeded to light up. But another brave sole piped up 'actually I do' and said boss was on her back for days. It does take guts to use that small voice, I will try to follow your good example in future. Xx

The Vintage Gardener said...

Well done you! I think your experiences at the doctors could make a good comedy programme and boy could we do with a bit of that at the moment. Where has all the Jubilee and Olympic euphoria gone?

Andi's English Attic said...

It was kind of an 'I'm Spartacus' moment, wasn't it? Well done. xx

menopausalmusing said...

Little voice, but big impact. Well done you!

Gena said...

Go Girl! You are so right! what good does it do ranting at the reception staff? Grumpy so and so! well done you! xx

delia hornbook said...

Sounds like a nightmare your surgery but YES little voices should be heard. Well done you ;-) You made everyones day and your own im sure, a little bit of kindness goes a long way, dee x

Susan T said...

It is that sort of voice that comes up from your feet isn't it, then wham you have done it - you made a stand, well done you.

Sherri B. said...

I bet you can hear me clapping all the way over here...yeah for you!!!!!

So true that sometimes that little voice needs to come out..too bad more of us don't let 'our voice' have a voice. xo

OhSoVintage said...

Good for you! People need to speak up and be supportive of others. No-one has the right to shout at someone else and, I know this is sexist and ageist, but it's usually grumpy old men who are impatient.

Jee said...

Oh well done. I can't stand it when people lose their temper in situations where noone is actually to blame.

The Vintage Bazaar said...

Brilliant, well done to you! I would like to think that I would have said the same! Lizzie xx

nilly said...

How brave of you!
I'm always telling Mr N that impatience will never achieve a thing.

Carol Dent said...

Well done! It's always the receptionists who bear the brunt of impatience and you stood up for them!

The Cloth Shed said...

Fantastic! Well done for speaking up.
There is nothing worse than someone ranting and raving...they just end up looking very silly.
I bet the dispensary staff loved you.
Julie x

Sylvia said...

So brave, Elaine, well done !
Have a nice week,

Teapot Lane said...

You brave girl!! xx

BadPenny said...

BRAVO !!! Sometimes you just have to say it.

we had a horrible run in with a customer in the shop yesterday who left shouting outside the shop how rude we are ! We are NEVER rude to customers.
My friend suggested the woman had a problem & I agreed. Guess she won't be returning.

Josie Crafter at homemade and happy said...

Yes you do !!!
Well done you. It's so easy to do nothing. But we have to stick to our values don't we? And speak up when the time comes. You did a good thing !!
And thank you so much for your email. Which brought me over here !

Kim said...

oh my gosh, Elaine...excellently written! Your phrases are spot on. I love the way you describe the scene. Brilliant! Totally enjoyable reading. Love to Kit!

The Fabric of my life said...

Oh well done you, you were so brave. My poor daughter works in an understaffed bank, the queues are always out the door. She sits there sometimes, dying for a wee, a drink, a break but cannot leave her counter and yet she is regularly shouted at and treated badly by the customers. Some days she comes home crying because customers have been so mean.

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