Tuesday, November 27

briefly miz

I know it's always best to look on the Bright Side
but sometimes, just sometimes, I feel a very small voice inside
who wants to have a moan
and a grumble
and a bit of a stomp
for no real reason apart from the fact that
after all that rain we haven't got flooding
but we've got mudding
and incessant brown gloop has lost its fun-factor,
and the sun (in those brief seconds when it shines)
doesn't get above our trees all day and I long for it's cheery respite,
and I'm freezing now and its only going to get colder,
and the older chickens are mercilessly picking on poor little Edie
the new recruit who was "rescued" altho she wouldn't think it,
and I want to hide from Christmas
(I want to hide from my birthday too),
and there aren't enough hours in the day to do
all the things I want to do because I'm too busy doing
the things I don't want to do,
and Bruce is up to his old tricks again which is very unsettling
(not to say unseating),
and our phone land-line has a fault which can't be found
(is there a collective name for groups of BT engineers?)
and without a mobile signal at home there's no goss,
and the house so continually looks like an antique shop in transit
with fair preps and eBay packing and photo shoots
that I've forgotten how I originally furnished,
and I've developed an addiction to custard creams,
and I shrunk my cashmere sweater (major boohoo),
and no matter how hard I try my crochet squares look like splats,
and and and
and you know what I've just read this back
and laughed at the crap I've written,
maxed up the radio and danced round the room to Roxy Music
and actually I do feel lots better. . .

people who live in a field have to expect mud,
it's November,
there's no sunshine; get over it,
it's cold; get over that too
pecking order? the clue is in the words,
Christmas- its just a day,
Birthday- its just (a lot of) years,
not enough hours? there never has been and never will be,
Bruce; detach yourself emotionally and deal with it,
phone line? faults get mended,
a house top-to-bottom in vintage? some people's dream come true,
custard creams? enjoy and repent next month,
shrunk cashmere? find a small child,
crochet? aim for an abstract crazy quilt

ahhhhh, the power of blogging!



Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

You are brilliant Elaine!! Its good to moan to get things off your chest...there's the clue...then you can't help but feel better with the weight lifted. Music is a great tonic too (Good old Roxy!)...so dance :) It will also keep you warm!

Stay positive and have a Happy Birthday,
Niki x

delia hornbook said...

Bless you ;-) Well you have just made me smile. You write so brilliantly infact i could hug you right now so sending you a big warm hug and friendly smile and if i was there i could quite happily join you in a custard cream i would bring a packet along with me and some chocolate digestives to. And we could moan about the weather because it is blinking pants and its cold and wet and horrible and its not funny its gone on long enough now. What i really like about you is you turn the negatives into postives and thats just a great trait. Have a great day and what doesn't get done well there's always tomorrow ;-) hugs, dee xx

Gretel said...

I hear you! On pretty much everything...I always look forward to January, a whole shiny new year to look forward to. like a new exercise book at school. X

nilly said...

Snap! Snap! Snap!
(Literally according to Mr N.)
Turning the music up & bopping around the kitchen is a great cure. I have ironing music (Vivaldi), washing up music (Moby), then there's driving music (Vampire Weekend)... I won't go on, it gets a bit embarrassing.

Vintage Jane said...

Just love this ... you made me laugh. I was sitting at work (!) nodding my head in agreement to all your niggles and woes and then nodded more vigorously with a smile on my face (and feeling slightly guilty) as you put it all into perspective. Thank you hon. M x

Alix said...

This made me smile, and I'm so very glad you came out the other end feeling happier. Writing things down can be so cathartic. Hope the gloop soon recedes and you have some quieter days in which to enjoy a slower pace! Oh, and if you want your cashmere turned into a hot water bottle cover so you can still enjoy it, in a different way, just send it to me!

Pennyblossoms said...

I so feel that gloom! I'm thinking I need to get the LUMIE lamp (SAD light) out of storage, (somewhere!), just for a bit of brightness.
Oh and brown gloop and new carpets, and a vomiting cat, do not a good mix make!
Z xx

Ivy Black said...

You have made me laugh! I feel yer pain sister, and if we can't have a rant and a moan every now and then....
Put the music on loud, get the biccies out and if you want me to come and tell Bruce he's a naughty boy, I'm there!!

Linda Metcalf said...

We all have these times...just eat the custard, dance and always look to the bright side!

Fading Grace said...

This post is precisely why you are so lovely Mrs Bunny, you always have a smile, and may that never fade...
P.S I know a horse whisperer, he is a right Grumpy B*****d though!! praps Brucey is getting excited for Christmas...I on the other hand am not thinking about it, although did by two swedish father christmases in the charity shop today, but actually would of bought them even in May!
keep smiling, keep putting on the jumpers and most definately keep dancing round your kitchen,,,it will warm you up
Big hug xx

Fading Grace said...

P.S I read something on Willies blog the other day....
Every day spent above the ground, is a good day!...cant argue with that!!!xx

menopausalmusing said...

As long as you don't detach yourself yourself PHYSICALLY from Bruce......... (by being thrown or falling off........).

I loved your moans...........

KC'sCourt! said...

Aha! That made me smile!
Julie xxxxx

Sylvia said...

Oh, a lot to grumble about, Elaine, love the way you wrote this :-)
Hope you're feeling better now !
Nice evening,

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Bless you! We all need a good moan sometimes, even if it's just to make others laugh (and I did giggle! Sorry) hope tomorrows a better day for you! :)

Autumn Mist said...

November's not a great month, is it? And let's face it, the weather is just downright bizaare! I for one am impressed that you can crochet at all and don't think you should worry about how the house looks, at all. The mud's a bit of a bummer, isn't it? I moved Barnaby to a different yard as there was so little turnout only to find he's in again at the new yard! Never mind - soon it will all be over and we'll be out enjoying the fabulous weather again. Hang in there!

rusty duck said...

Enjoy the custard creams. Great list!

Terry said...

Oh hugs! I know just how you feel. Sometimes it's all a bit too much.

BadPenny said...

Good to rant sometimes !

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Brilliant! And I hear you sister, every word!! My woes are different, although boy do we have MUD, but my response is much the same, except I'm eating chocolate not custard creams ;)

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Brilliant! And I hear you sister, every word!! My woes are different, although boy do we have MUD, but my response is much the same, except I'm eating chocolate not custard creams ;)

Mimi and Tilly said...

Hello Elaine, you're so fab! I had a day like this today where my head was full of feeling frustrated, and so I ate a big bag of Skittles and then got frustrated with doing that... etc... And the lack of sun too doesn't help with me wanting to eat my body weight in sweets and crisps! I love that you put on music and had a dance. i gave my cat a good brush with his favourite brush and watched him loving every minute of it, and it made me realise how great everything is even when my head tells me it isn't. Oh, and I had a good swear too. That always helps. Em xx

Trixie@ the vintage bothy said...

I am in a similar boat, "ditto" Elaine!
T x

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