Sunday, November 11


My dad used to march with his ex-servicemen's regiment
each Remembrance Sunday.

I suddenly thought of it when I let the hens out this morning
and felt the cold frosty air on my face.

Childhood memories of the feel of that same frost against his cheek
as I kissed my daddy, and patted his medals
and felt proud

all those years ago.

It seems like he died yesterday;
 that awful black day is etched forever in my soul,
and yet it could've been 100 years back
because it's put away,
firmly put away in the place I don't care to go.

Remembrance Sunday
all those people
all those memories

and today, one more that I hadn't expected


Sue said...

A memory can come like a kiss from the past. A moment, a sense, a chill on the face that brings back memories of love and of pride.

Feel the warmth of his love today and not the pain of his passing.

A poingnant post, so beautiful.

Sue xx

Jane said...

I always think of my father on Remembrance day. He would go to the local war memorial and stand through the service, however wet and cold, even as he got older and lost his sight. 'So many people to remember', he always said, 'and I've had the rest of my life. They weren't so lucky'. As I write this I can just see people walking and parking to stand at our local memorial. I think my father would be appalled that our soldiers are again dying, he hoped that was all over long since, but he would appreciate our efforts still to remember.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Thinking of you today :) x

KC'sCourt! said...

Just thinking of everyone today
Julie xxxxxxx

Country Cottage Chic said...

I do hope that we never forget theie sacrifice.

delia hornbook said...

Bless you that brought a tear to my eye memories are very precious. Warmest hugs to you sweet lady, dee xx

nilly said...

I find that sometimes that place gets full to bursting - your post made a few tears overflow out of mine today.

thriftwood said...

Bless you xxx

lettice leaf said...

Get them out, dust them off and be proud to celebrate the man, his memory and you his legacy of a life well lived.

Today, feet up watching the service; a rainbow appeared on my leg through a prism in the window... my lovely dad come to say hello. On the morning I discovered he had died, the sky over the farm was filled with rainbows. I always think of him whenever I see them. Today they came a calling and I rememered.


Lynn said...

Remembrance day does stir up memories. My parents both died on the days either side of November 11, which is also Veteran's Day here in America. I remember arriving at Gatwick en route to Cornwall to see my mother for the last time. The entire airport building went silent as there was a moment of remembrance that Sunday morning, so it always seems even more poignant looking back as Mum did die the next morning. Although sad, it is lovely that the thoughts of your father came to you yesterday - precious.

OhSoVintage said...

My mum was always so proud to lay the wreath for the Association of Wrens at RNAS Culdrose each year and the wren who helped her the last time also came to her funeral and lowered the flag as her coffin came into the crematorium. The sight of old ladies marching at the Cenotaph yesterday was just too much for me. So much sadness and so many sad stories for all there.

Miss Mary Elliott said...

I'm so proud of my dad who is an active member of the RSL sub branch here in Qld. This year he lead the NZ national anthem and sells poppies for ANZAC and Remberance day. I love reading these comments, we are all very proud even with the sadness xx
Lest we forget.

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