Wednesday, December 5

bye bye wisdom. . .

boo blimmin' hoo
I had my last wisdom tooth out.

No escaping the fact; I feel a bit sorry for myself
I wanted to stay wise, but 'twas not to be.

Last year I had a course of medication that
didn't help my bone density one iota.
I realise now that unless you ask very direct questions
there are many things in the medical profession
that remain untold, because until it happens
you don't actually KNOW what questions
you should've asked-

but I guess that's one of the conundrums of life.

The dentist was gentle and the nurse held my hand
which is the simplest act of kindness
known to anyone.
She asked "would you like to take it home?"
 which threw me a bit because I don't know
how much the Tooth Fairy pays these days
and I couldn't figure out do you bury a tooth
or cremate it, or choose matchbox mummification,
or turn it into wall art. . .
but my mouth was so numb all I could do was
shake my head (sending the safety goggles flying across the room)
and look forlornly at my solitary friend
led in the dish, reverently covered with a pink tissue.

So today, I begin the rest of my life wisdom-less.
I might say the wrong thing
or do the wrong thing
or eat the wrong thing
or forget every thing. . .

no major changes so far then!!


Pennyblossoms said...

When I was atennager I was told I'd have to go into hospital to have my wisdom teeth removed. I was terrified, but thankfully it never happened that way! They've been taken out at various times by several different dentists with varying degreees of ease. (Why did that dentist not tell me that there were chippings left that would ultimately work their way out of my gum?????)
So, I'm wisdom-less too and like you say no change there then!!
Z xx
PS You can donate your teeth to a mueseum in Manchester!

Pennyblossoms said...

...a teenager...

thriftwood said...

Oh poor you ... I've been wisdomless for nearly 30 years, which explains a lot really ...

In those days it was done in hospital and required an overnight stay so it could have been worse, but hope you're looking after yourself and keeping the cold air away from your mouth, ouch!

Love, Claire xxx

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! I hadn't thought about the wisdom tooth dilemma before, think I will be ok though, I haven't got any wisdom anyway, teeth or no teeth! :)

Andi's English Attic said...

You could attach it to a charm bracelett so the wisdom would be close at hand :)
Feel better soon. xx

Vintage Jane said...

No wisdom here either ... all of mine left in hospital over twenty years ago! M x

Sylvia said...

I lost my wisdom teeth years ago ... the dentist didn't ask me if I would take them home,
otherwise I would have thrown it over my shoulder and made a wish ... :-)
It's snowing here ...

humphreycumfycushion said...

Look on the bright side - you may be wisdomless but at least it is just your wisdom teeth - you can't tell when teeth are missing from the back and you still have the rest (I hope) - gummy front not a good look. Hope you heal quickly ...

Molly said...

Love this post T & B. Hope your mouth is not too sore and painful.

Annie said...

Hope you are feeling better and not too sore. Mine probably need to come out they keep giving me problems but I am always too much of a coward !
Ann x

lynda said...

Minus 2 wisdom teeth several years now. I went in for a 2nd opinion (the first dentist was all doom and gloom about how hard they may be to get out etc) and the 2nd guy said no prob and sent me off for an xray. I went back to the room thinking he would make an appt to get them out and he had all the instruments out and they were out in a flash. Lived in fear of a "dry socket" but a;; was well! Take care, milk it for all it is worth (very poorly..), and you will be back to usual in no time!

menopausalmusing said...

"The nurse holding your hand" resonated so much with me tonight. I have been visiting a friend in hospital who was on the high dependency ward and who woke (post operation) to awful, awful pain and could remember the nurse sitting there and holding her hand whilst waiting for the specialist pain relief man.... You are right, it is the simplest act of kindness. Hope you are fully recovered.

delia hornbook said...

Bless your heart i had all 4 of mine taken out at once under general a few years ago and i felt like a hamster for a week. Hope you feel better real soon. dee x

nilly said...

Somehow, after all these years, I still have four. Still waiting for wisdom, though...

sandiart said...

Oh my, I have just read 4 missed posts, its been a tad busy here and I'M tired, my two weeks off work last Christmas is catching up with me and I will be awfully glad to have my two weeks again this Christmas, although that involves all the Christmas cooking and entertaining......come on Boxing day!! I think I have one Wisdom tooth left not bad for someone who seems to be rushing towards 60 much too fast!!! It's cold over there and ruddy boiling here, I hate it when it gets over 30 deg and the wind is HOT....bah humbug haha. Good excuse to catch up on blogs :)
xx Sandi

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I'm down one, with a second to go soon, but I don't think the remainder can hold much wisdom to be honest, I keep doing the daftest things! I grated my finger along with some orange peel earlier!

Hope your mouth has healed well

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