Friday, December 14

wet wet wet

I got wet today
then I got wetter
then I got wetter still
then I ran out of waterproof coats
and got wetter than I thought it was possible to be while vertical.

Now I've dried off, I'm about to get in the shower.

Where's the sense in that?


Fading Grace said...

You will feel better though :-) am at the vb tomorrow, buying, not selling will see you there, can't wait xx

Hesta Nesta said...

The weather is horrible here too, and the conservatory is leaking and five Pugs don't want to go out to toilets! See you tomorrow, hope it is dry for us.
Jo xx

Pennyblossoms said...

Wet here too! And today was the day that I wore a coat only to find the zip didn't work properly (once I'd left home)!
Then they cut out my bus. Booooo!
Have a great vintage fair tomorrow.
Z xx

bayou said...

The snow has gone overnight and I went to the fleamarket in Liège where all was dry (but very good bargains to be made :-) ). It only started raining in the afternoon and went very windy. Have a great day tomorrow, sadly I am too far away to meet you there. But better rain than snow and ice for you :-).

sharie said...

Isn't it fun when you work outside? If you aren't smashing ice on the water you are sloshing through rain and mud LOL.

nilly said...

Hope it won't be quite so wet in Frome tomorrow - have a good fair!

menopausalmusing said...

Some days rain is just wetter than it is on others.......... sigh............. Why?

YONKS said...

Hysterical! At least the shower will be hot wet :-)

Sylvia said...

Interesting question, Elaine :-)
Here the snow has gone, rain and high wind now ... but it's not so cold.
Nice weekend,

Cro Magnon said...

I think we have the same weather. Rain, rain, and more rain; interspersed with some sunshine, allowing time for log cutting.

Sue said...

At least it's warm wet, not cold, dank yucky wet :-)

Sue xx

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

At least in the shower you're not wetting your clothing as well (I'm assuming you weren't dancing naked in the rain!).

Hope the fair went well :)

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