Wednesday, March 28

woo hoo the bluebells are here!!

Oh bliss, the bluebells are out!

woods fields and hedgerows full of fragrant happiness

(ps don't worry I didn't pick them- the tractor & harrow mowed them down)

Monday, March 26

what friends are for. . .

at those times
when you lean away from the group
speak your mind
not speaking
would've been
a far 
better thing to do

it's good to know
the group 
still stands tall
and together
(united in their annoyance)

 to catch
and hold
when you

without a glimmer of
"I told you so"

and hug you tight
you're upright once again
the pride
cometh before a fall
firmly restored

side by side
shoulder to shoulder
(trunk to trunk)
through thick and thin

this is what friends do

smooth glossy saplings
weathered old bark

abundant leaves
sparse, colourless twigs

changing seasons
the passing of years

friends. . .
I am TRULY blessed,
when my foot
is wedged firmly
in my mouth

Tuesday, March 20

teacosy to treasure

no need for more words. . .

Friday, March 16

Household Tip #49

Miss Bunny's Home Hints

  • on no account
  • no matter how empty you think it is
  • DO NOT
  • put the liquid soap dispenser in the dishwasher
  • and set it to auto timer

for les femmes d'un Certain Age who recall an old advertising slogan

but I could learn to love lavender scented crockery. . .

and food simply glides off the cutlery. . .

and the floor is beautifully shiny. . .

Tuesday, March 13

that Special Occasion indeed

                                   Opening the barn door for early morning stables
                            and being greeted by a low, welcoming whinny.
The resonance of clip clopping hooves muffled by morning mist.

Breathing deeply,
inhaling the joy of England in the early Spring
and trusting today will deliver its promise of sunshine.

Sitting in the garden (albeit in a coat) just because I can.
Breakfasting on porridge with cinnamon and sourdough toast,
answering emails on the laptop
while birds compete in volume with The Archers on the radio.
Birds win.

A mad scurry of housework to let sunshine
flood through windows curtained by winter grime.

Painting furniture in the garden.
Annie Sloane, Farrow & Ball, fashionably chalky greys gently dried by sunlight.

To friends for Sunday lunch of homemade hummus,
roasted plum tomatoes and artisan breads.
Gossiping with gusto about nothing and no-one in particular.

Driving home with the windows down.

Thinking I really should be doing something and doing nothing.

Sitting side by side on the back doorstep watching
the sun set in a show-off blaze of multicoloured glory
sipping Veuve Clicquot from our best glasses,
a Christmas present saved for That Special Occasion.
Knowing nothing gets more special than this.

Saturday, March 10

new arrivals

new arrivals have moved into the field across the lane

I popped over to say hi. . .

Tuesday, March 6

mud pluggin'

the weather was so mild and Spring-like on Saturday,
I thought Bruce would like to spend a day in the field
without the weight of his winter waterproofs
and feel the sunshine on his back. . .

but of course I'd forgotten that Bruce
would rather feel the mud on his back
and neck
and sides
and tummy
and in his ears
and eyes
and nose. . .

but he was a good boy and didn't fidget too much with the
bristly brush on his tickly bits (of which there are many)
when I scrubbed him clean ready for bed

although he did have a grumble about the length of time
Room Service took to bring his tea!

Sunday, March 4

Fab Fair Saturday!

Saturday's Rag & Rummage Sale in Taunton was another outstanding success
 for Lizzie & Clare with droves of people filling the Village Hall,
shouldering eachother out of the way (in the politest manner possible of course) 
in order to get nearer to the stalls heaped with all manner
of textile-themed goodies!

 We had a fab day; loads of things went off to new homes
(where they'll be far more appreciated than at the back of my stockroom)
and in between serving customers, trying to tidy the jumble that
our stalls had become, talking to interested buyers
and gratefully receiving the delivery of complimentary cuppas,
I had a chance for a catchup with Dairy House Sue & Woo
whose Textile Day on the 15th April is the next event on our must-go calendar.

Some lovely bloggers introduced themselves and its great
to put faces to names- I'm just sorry I wasn't able to chat
properly (or even recall who you all are doh!)
but I do remember Dee, Shelley, and Julie from KC's Court
so pop over to her blog for more details.

I took my camera but was busy from the minute we arrived
and the only time I remembered pics was 30 minutes before
the event ended, when the depleted stands looked a tad sorry
and most of the exhibitors were stuffing their faces
with cake and Twix bars (thank YOU, Wendy in the kitchen-
never was a sugar fix more gratefully received!)

Lizzie, Clare, Jack & George put in so much hard work
which is VERY much appreciated-
roll on the Autumn for a re-run of
The Vintage Bazaar Textile Rag & Rummage Sale at Trull!

Thursday, March 1

Saturday. . .the Vintage Bazaar Textile Rag & Rummage Sale!

I didn't play with dolls when I was little but spent hours building stables and farms and setting up make-believe shops to sell horses who didn't do as they were told (take heed someone who's name begins with B!) and freshly laid eggs made from yellow Quality Street wrappers.

The games always ended with a huge tea party;  picnic cups, and tiny buckets made from silver foil meticulously set out on checked gingham cloths for all the participating players whether human or animal, and one day my mum baked tiny fairy cakes topped with shredded coconut "hay" (forever after we still call it dessicated hay!)

I spent a pleasurable couple of hours this week setting up a trial stall for the Vintage Bazaar Textile Rag & Remnant Sale to be held in Taunton on Saturday March 3rd, but customers can rest assured they won't have to drink pretend tea from thimbles!

 The last fair I stood at was my own Vintage at the Village Hall in May 2011 (hopefully returning with a bigger venue) so I thought it best to see how much stock I could fit on the table and shelves (the overly optimistic nuisance at the airport faffing with excess baggage is me) and how much we'd be able to shoehorn into the car for the run down to Taunton.

After primping and preening and much re-arranging I'm pleased to report that I only have one large red-spotted bagful of remnants, 2 mannequins and a pintucking machine that couldn't be housed, which I think is quite good going for a person who is hopeless when it comes to judging table space!

Hopefully this new fair will become a fixture on Lizzie and Clare's calendar; with so many larger fairs around it's good to have a venue for an interestingly mixed textile-themed sale, and pick-up some bargains to re-work, re-use, restore or re-sell. . .or just enjoy going home with yet ANOTHER timeless treasure!

It would be lovely to see you there, otherwise I'll tell you all about it next week. Wish me luck!  xx

PS I couldn't have done the the fair without the help of my back-up team. . .
Ted said he'd drive, unload and help set-up (and even offered to make the sandwiches!) and I CERTAINLY wouldn't have found correcting placing for the saleables without expert advice from the feline Mary Portas. . .

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