Sunday, April 29

would you know the answer?

so here's the picture. . .

me and my girlfriends having a good goss when we were asked to make up a team for the Village Hall Quiz'n'Chilli Night

Noooooooooooooo says I (with a very capital N!!)

Memory cells?
they got swapped for the muffin-top in that free Prize-Draw you automatically enter at 50
(not that I retained much even when they were intact)

"Don't be silly"
said Stacey

"it's not as if they'll ask really difficult questions like
what did you do last Wednesday. . ."


Sunday, April 22

Friends Re-United

These magnificent carriage horses are a matched pair of Lipizzaners
named Silver and Stuza, and they're Bruce's stable companions.

Both horses are as gorgeous in character as they are in appearance,
although after a day in the field they're not quite so Persil white!
Kind calm and generous with impeccable manners
they adore cuddles, gently moving nearer and nearer in the stable
to politely ask for a neck scratch or muzz rub.
Their appreciation of having a personal slave to locate
an itchy spot is only rivalled by their appetite for
extra strong mints!

Stuza is English born and bred and Silver came from Hungary
(I've often wondered how long it takes foreign horses to learn a new language?)

Their devoted mum Joanne ran a successful wedding carriage
business until The Boys had to retire
due to the onset of age-related arthritis

Unable to afford new horses while keeping the oldies
in luxurious retirement (they're now 24 and 26)
 she recently made the reluctant decision
to sell the carriages and harness and posted this YouTube montage
as a showcase for potential buyers.

It's so upliftingly romantic I thought you might like to watch it
and then I'll tell you the happy ending. . .

The first person to phone about the harness
asked if one of the horses was named Stuza
because he seemed familiar. . .

This man had bought Stuza as a gangly yearling,
broken him to harness, sold him 6 years later
and after two decades still recognised the old boy.
Next week he's coming to visit!

Friends & Nags Re-United!

Tuesday, April 17

Ode to a Camellia

I'm very sorry dear Camellia
but I just don't like you.

I want to smile when I see you
and tend your soggy blooms
knowing we'll probably spend many more years
living together in total dis-harmony
but try as I might
I just don't like you.

A thoughtful gift (they thought)
I created a special bed for your tender roots
with neither morning sun nor chill wind
in a place free from rabbits and deer
and soil that didn't suit
and thanking me the way you do
you flourished and flowered
and flourished some more. . .

and yet still I don't like you.

I don't like your fat plain green foliage
I don't like your municipal blooms
that look like used toilet tissue when they fade
and you're the only shade of pink
in the whole wide world
that I don't like.

I have no green fingers
I can't even look after a houseplant
or a cactus
or a Christmas tree.
My runner beans were has-beans
roses remain thorns
potted herbs become dried herbs
bulbs refuse to bloom
bay trees without bay leaves

and yet you,
despite drought and deluge
frost and snow
cats and chickens
are my one gardening triumph
the pinnacle of Gertrude Jekyll aspirations
the only living thing left to show for my garden makeover.

And still,
in spite of everything you've done,
 the generosity you've shown
the bees you've fed
the frogs you've sheltered
and the eyesore corner you've filled
I just 
like you

Monday, April 16

Dairy House Thank You!

A great time was had by all at the Dairy House Textile Day!

The sun shone bright and clear, the sky was blue and the wind icy
but bravehearted customers wrapped up against the chill
to buy from our sun-drenched stalls outside
before seeking refuge inside the huge building!

I forgot my camera. . .
but pics are here on Lizzie's blog
and I'm sure many others will appear
as stallholders write during the week.

Big thanks and hugs to Sue and Woo,
and to Gilly for a great lunch!

the next great fair will be
The Vintage Bazaar in Frome
on Saturday 21st!

Friday, April 13

Off to Dairy House Costume & Textile Day on Sunday!

I have a stall at the Dairy House Day on Sunday

and amongst the piles of vintage fabrics and hangers of clothes
I thought I'd squeeze in some summery goodies
and gardening favourites

I've also got THE most delicious
French wooden wheelbarrow to take, glorious in its original chalky paintwork
but I couldn't manage a photocall without hail showers!

hope to see you there!

Tuesday, April 10

too much alcohol saved our family!

 Ted's grandfather "Louie" Lewis
was a merchant seaman, and in 1912
he signed-on in Southampton as a stoker
for Titanic's maiden voyage to America

On the eve of embarkation he took himself
to the local pub for a celebratory
drink. . .or. . .two. . .or. . .more. . .
and more. . .

and was so inebriated he never made it to the port

needless to say he got into a great deal of trouble

but only for a very short while!

Thursday, April 5

unashamedly, it's mossy love for me

It doesn't matter how many paint effects we discover

with scumble glazes and rubbing back and shabby chic treatments

or how many paint colours Annie Sloan, Farrow & Ball and Fired Earth
try to tempt us into buying

the thing that really



gets me

is Mossy Love

provided completely free of charge

by Mother Nature herself.

Thank you for my damp, moss covered garden

it might not always be bright and cheery with colourful blooms

but its truly mossylicious and I just love it!

Sunday, April 1

raising an eyebrow?

Because it was soooooo fashionable in my teens to have a perfect arch of neat 1920s-style eyebrows, mine remain hopelessly thin and over-plucked.

If I want them to look less like a surprised pair of hump-back bridges it entails ages spent painstakingly pencilling in the gaps- like playing Join The Dots on my brow.

I mentioned this to the hairdresser yesterday when, united by circumstance, we were having a mutual moan about what fashion had done to our ageing bods.

To solve the problem she suggested having brows cosmetically tattooed.

Probably not a surprising suggestion since she was wearing false lashes, fingernails, toenails, permanent eye and lip liner, hair extensions, fake tan and boobies

but surely

                          she didn't mean

                                                                 like this. . .???

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