Sunday, June 24

Vintage Bazaar's Giant Rag Market 30th June

I'm not quite packed and definitely not  ready

and the sitting room looks like an explosion at a jumble sale

with fabric, bags, marker pens, labels and ribbon strewn on every surface
as I write tickets, reduce prices on lazy stock,
measure rolls and remnants of textiles,
press clothes and linens and bag-up quantities of haberdashery

 Amongst the multitude pile-it-high-and-sell-it-cheap bargains
I also want to showcase a few special gems
like the French sewing stand above

and this beautifully decoupaged mannequin on her metal stand.

Lizzie and Clare's fairs are always a treat for both buyers and sellers

so hopefully by Friday evening I'll be sorted, packed, loaded and ready!

Look forward to seeing you there

Friday, June 15

the power of Chicken Soup

you know how things pop into your mind
at the strangest times
in the strangest places
with a free will all their own
and leave you standing there
muttering and spluttering
and wondering what on earth happened in the depths of beyond
to bring such mind numbing trivia
to the surface at this precise moment?

there I was ladling chicken soup into a bowl
wondering if positive thinking would transform
the thinnest vilest cheapest and least cheerful slice of crispbread
into a freshly baked crusty bread roll
when I recalled covering my school textbooks
with old wallpaper.

Errr. . .
how many years ago was that?

And why now?

Sunday, June 10

Mister Mouse

Mister Mouse was sitting in the utility room on my riding boot
happily washing his whiskers.
We were both quite surprised to see each other
I said "mornin' Mr Mouse"
he waved a tiny paw and carried on washing.

I opened the back door for him
and smelling the fresh air
he carefully walked over the threshold and stood outside
trying to remember why he was there
(I know that feeling well, Mr Mouse)

I followed as he climbed up the rockery steps,
took a shortcut through the shrubs to the top of the garden
and strolled along the paving stones bordering the chicken run.

With the eagle-eyes of their ancestors
The Girls charged the wire
like rush hour at the factory canteen.

Unfazed, he politely introduced himself
(I could swear he stooped in a little bow)
politely eyed-up their spilt corn
and with a flick of his little whiskers
politely departed to a hole under the shed.
(I'm thinking whatever Stay Calm Pills he's on, I want some!)

Alas politeness is not always reciprocated and
rose-tinted spectacles are not the best choice for one so small.

Thinking he'd have lunch al fresco
dear Mr Mouse went back for some spilt corn,
but my chickens don't have manners
 and when he said he'd come for dinner
they took him at his word.

This morning
I'm waiting for the eggs to be laid
and wondering if they'll have
 tiny ears and whiskers. . .

Monday, June 4

Bruce's Big Day

Thank you dear Bruce for a fabulous day!

You all know by now that Bruce has his little quirks

when it comes to expressing an opinion,

so it was with great trepidation that I entered him in our local horse show today.

Needless to say his impeccable manners shone through
and he loved having an admiring audience.
With exemplary behaviour he was well placed in his classes
and one judge said she'd love to take him home!

We both really enjoyed ourselves which made all the preparation,
the early start and the horible nerves worthwhile
(not to mention all that running up and down!)
and I am just so SO proud of him.

This was our first show together,
hopefully we can do it again before long

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