Friday, August 31

Humpty Dumpty & his family. . .

 thought you'd like to see the pics of our new neighbours. . .
Yay for Humpty Dumpty. . .triumph over adversity!

Thursday, August 30

You have to be a little choosy, but this site is great with some
truly fab bargains, service is good and the reviews seem quite honest-
take a peek at and enjoy! . . .
I'm wearing the leggings ;)

Thursday, August 23

letting go

We recently did a large House Clearance, and in
the hottest weather of the "summer" I was upto my eyeballs
 in dusty boxes in someone else's attic
(as someone remarked "like a pig in s..t")
and amongst the vanloads of vintage goodies we brought home
were a 1957 HMV record player/valve radio with original guarantee,
5 record players circa 1970s, 8 cases of vinyl LPs
and a stack of old 78 records.

The clearance took a full week with many runs to the tip
(and yes, I did bring a few irresistible things home!)
but with the property eventually emptied, swept through and
looking somewhat lighter and brighter than we had found it,
the next task was sorting through the treasures we'd taken home.

An advert in our local paper for Old Record Players Wanted
was duly answered and Bill came over on Sunday,
bought all the players, some of the LPs and 78s and asked
if we had any more LPs we wanted to sell?

Ted and I looked at each other. . .
our own vinyl collections had been relegated to the store room
many years ago after we'd replaced favourites with CDs.
At one time we'd bought a record player and had an orgy of
70s music blasting through the house but the sound quality
wasn't brilliant and our tastes had changed. . .

So Bill bought our LPs too, and I was pleased to have
a bit more room and a bit more money.

I think it was about an hour after he'd left that it hit home;
for the first time in some 40 years I didn't have my LPs.
So carefully chosen. So avidly played.
So cherished and loved and treasured.
And sold.
Each of those albums entwined with SO many memories,
where I was. . .who I was with . . .who I was. . .
all that teenage angst, moving out of home, first broken heart
all the other broken hearts, first marriage, divorce-
a whole other life really.

And yet I still have the songs, I still have the memories,
so why do I feel soooooo bereft because I no longer have
a circle of plastic surrounded by a cardboard sleeve???

Van Morrison Roy Harper Jackson Browne Nils Lofgren Supertramp
Millie Jackson David Bowie Dire Straits Allman Brothers Neil Young
Phoebe Snow Natalie Cole Frank Zappa Grateful Dead Rico Rodriguez
 King Crimson Roxy Music Gerry Rafferty Steeleye Span James Taylor
Crosby Stills & Nash Malcolm Mclaren Grace Jones Madness T Rex
Bob Marley Leon Russell Eno The Kinks Black Sabbath
and all the rest. . .I know you'll be loved in new homes but. . .

Saturday, August 18

but the sheep didn't know. . .

Far from the Madding Crowd down here in Dorset

they go to great expense

and put iron railings around the trees

as protection from the animals grazing in the fields.

Its just a shame they forgot to tell the animals :)

Saturday, August 11

London 2012 Olympic Grand Prix Dressage :)

chattering away some years back while we were both mucking out our horses, I said to Colleen that if the Olympic Games ever came to London, we oughta go

and so go we did

it was a looooooooooooooooooong day with much travelling; it was an expense that I really couldn't afford, and I have to confess I wasn't really as excited at the prospect as I should've been
and we got soaking wet

It was the 1st day of the team dressage, Thursday 2nd August and it was such an amazing, awesome day that its taken til now to be able to tell you about it!

We were directed to our seats, 16 rows from the front and directly opposite the beautiful building that is Greenwich House. There were flag-bedecked masts of sailing ships behind it, and behind that was the tall grey office block skyline of London silhouetted against a sometimes blue/sometimes grey, cloud bedecked sky.

In front of our eyes were horse and rider; two separate beings fused as one and each working within the others mindset.
The horses, trying with all the sinews of their beautiful bodies to do as they were bidden, and the riders, trying with all their skill and ability to make that bidding as clear as could be.
Thank heaven for sunglasses because I'm not ashamed to admit I shed a little tear.

the horses? oh my, the horses
the riders? well what can you say?
the talent. . .if only. . .
the venue? "inspired" doesn't do it justice
the commentary? informative without being daft
our seats? couldn't have been better if we'd paid top whack
the spectators? spellbound
(even those who had "just applied for any ticket they could get")
the weather? English
the food? same old London prices but not a rip-off
the toilets? mostly not working
the organisation? couldn't find a fault
the soldier who frisked me going in? gorgeous!
the volunteers lining the way? smiling
volunteers at all the stations? helpful to the nth degree
the staff in Costa? smiling along with the rest of them!
the police horse? really wanted to do dressage but needed a day job
the staff at Victoria coach station who let us change our tickets and didn't charge both of us? lovely!
the coach driver who drove a detour past Harrods cos the Americans hadn't seen it? even lovelier!

I've copied a video off youtube because I didn't take my camera.
Carl Hester deserves a medal simply because he lets his horses "be".
I'm sure the papers will sensationalise Charlotte's deserved win because they can make much of her story and play-up the rivalry twixt her and Laura. But in my mind, Carl Hester's Utopia has the essence of what dressage should be- he might not get those points for lifting feet so high but boy, does he move!
You don't have to understand dressage, just watch the video and enjoy xx

PS If me 'n' Bruce could do just one step of one of those movements I'd be over the moon with happiness!

Monday, August 6

doing what a girls gotta do. . .

ok, so I went into TK Maxx buy a wedding present. . .

you know the type of thing when you want to make the gesture
and you don't know either person particularly well
but you're friendly with their mother. . .
scented candle. . .photo frame. . .
(like the stuff you got given yourself from your mother's friends
and car-booted after stashing it at the back of the cupboard for years)

and then it got a tad more interesting. . .
I mean, for £24.99 a girls gotta do. . .

Sunday, August 5

Lets enter a Handmade Class in the Trelawnyd Flower Show!!

I've never met John Gray over at Going Gently but I'm an avid follower of his
blog because his weird sense of humour is uncannily similar to mine.

Living in rural Wales and working as the-nurse-you-pray-you'd-be-blessed-with,
he's also on the committee of the Trelawnyd Flower Show
and has been rallying the troops to boost entries to the show on 18th August. . .

"I am making a call for any new exhibitors
(and YES even readers from abroad could enter such classes
as the home made greetings card (class 62!)
Just contact me- my details are on the Flower Show Website 
and I will enter your nominations with our Show Secretary
and doyenne of everything official "Sylvia Evans" (Below)"

I know we can't enter flowers and suchlike, but here's some of the classes
that might interest us (the full schedule is on the website)


61. A PAINTING (any medium)


I'm going to enter a card (and I'm hopeless at that sort of thing)-
anyone else want to contact John via his blog, or the phone number on the website 
and give it a go??????

Wednesday, August 1

in my in tray

at least she's stopped sleeping on the keyboard!
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