Saturday, September 29

big bales- with STYLE

down here in Dorset
we don't just do big bale hayalge. . .

we do big bale haylage with STYLE!!
A certain 60's op-art panache, don't you think?

Tuesday, September 25

simple pleasure

A dear friend came for lunch and brought the sweet garden posy.
We ate roasted red pepper frittata with melon mint and feta salad
 and sat chatting late into the afternoon until the chilled Cava
was replaced with freshly brewed tea
Next morning the sun's early rays fell lightly, and made me smile
at the thought of a gentle afternoon spent simply,
 in the company of a kindred spirit
may I suggest. . .
phone a friend
invite them over
sit awhile
soak up the last and sweetest days as autumn turns

Saturday, September 22

never mind the fair, how FABULOUS are these!!!

OK, so today we were at Hartley Wintney for
Lizzie-&-Clare's-venture-into-Hampshire fair which was good;
a tad slow to start then a nice steady build-up of
interesting and interested customers who were happy to spend
once they were certain they were buying "the right thing".
The atmosphere was great, with SUCH lovely sellers on the surrounding stalls
and the Arts & Crafts hall itself was a joy to behold.
all of this pales into insignificance
I bought the most
pair of vintage velvet Matador Pants
and I'm hopelessly
and besotedly

I admit the velvet is worn,
and the colour faded to a very gentle (dusty) blue
but happily I like wearing vintage that LOOKS vintage
and the shape of them is divine, with a real high waist and back zipper
and exquisite embroidery down each leg
finishing with a tiny gold tassel at each cropped, split cuff.
(At this point I have to mention that Ted actually hates them
but hey, sometimes that's a good thing- men do have rather a
stereotyped image of what they like to see us in. . .)

The original label still stitched to the waistband. . .
Pants by Malbe- how 50s is that!
paired with a fitted top, I have my Christmas Party Outfit neatly sorted.
The only thing to decide is flat pumps or ankle boots?????????
And before I forget-
a really big thankyou to Lizzie and Jack, Clare & Mr Clare-
I know organising fairs isn't an easy task, but your concern
for the stallholders is always very much appreciated
and I can't wait for the next one at Trull (just outside Taunton)
on October 27th
xxx from a Happy Bunny!!

Monday, September 17


From 10 am - 3pm on Saturday 22nd
I shall be at this fine Arts and Crafts building

because Lizzie and Clare are holding another of her FABULOUS vintage fairs!
I've been saving up lots of new stock for the day

so hope you can come. . .

look forward to seeing you there!
ps I'm in a bit of a rush for a few days but when things calm down a tad
I'll try to take some more stock pics

Tuesday, September 11


sometimes, your creative mojo lies dormant
it doesn't even turn its nose up with disdain
at sewing suggestions
or mutter a mental whatever
at painting projects
it just stays there
doing nothing
saying nothing
thinking nothing
creating nothing
until you really really REALLY think
that this time you've lost it for good
 really for good
all the reallys in the universe for good

and then for no apparent reason
you get that stool out of the shed
"why did I even bother to bring it home from the tip?"
as you begin the berating process once again
a look clicks
and its a sunny day
so if you  brushed a tad of paint over the legs
it wouldn't involve any creativity
just a mundane chore. . .with colour

 the rust fades
 and visions of a 60s kitchen flick thru your mind
and that scrap of wallpaper
(that was lining a drawer in your stepfather's house)
might come in useful
and it wouldn't involve any creativity
just glue and scissors

and then

and then

and then

and then

and then

and then you know its back


Friday, September 7

Faves. . .

My taste is somewhat eclectic to say the least and I've never quite managed
to get a "look" without going off on a tangent and embracing another one.
Everything sits together with friendliness if not total harmony, and I keep
things simply because I love them.
Someone asked me last week if living in a house full of Favourite Things
could I choose Super Favourites- like Desert Island Discs for Furniture!
The painted pine lorry above is a toy box, made just after WW2,
and it makes me think of that shiny little face unwrapping
such a lovingly handmade birthday or Christmas present with
glee and anticipation. . .
Its sits on a shabby old leather-topped desk pulled out
of a roadside skip (now you know why I drive a pick-up!)
I had plans to brighten it but its sooooooo mellow I can never
quite bring myself to put the paint on. . .
My desk chair is an an old hall chair my Nana got from a
Country House auction before I was born.
When we were children we always thought it was a little throne
because of the Armorial Crest!

I bought these 2 wooden apothecary jars at our local market years back.
I was late and all the dealers had been-&-gone and yet
the jars remained, just waiting for me- I can never figure out
why no-one else saw them
The carved wooden crest came from a bootsale,
it's so dusty I can't show you a close up!
the unicorn has a knitting needle for his horn but hey. . .!

1950s Poodle lampshade!
(need I say more??)
Black Mammy notepads- produced to celebrate the popularity of
Hattie Daniels character in Gone With the Wind
"Letters to Keep, Letters I Love"
what a story those two little phrases could tell. . .
bought from Lizzie at Shepton Flea and I meant to
sell them on again- honest ;0)

Faded French velvet. . .three of my favourite words!

WS Coleman silk- bought in the early 1970s at a church jumble sale
and I've so loved ever since.

Victorian stone garden cherubs which never found their way into the garden

I bought this needlework and frame at the same fleamarket
but on different stalls and on different days-
they fit each other perfectly and the tack marks on the back married up,
 so I think they began life together, were parted and reunited

one of my most favourite pieces of fabric 48" square.
I kept draping it over things cos I couldn't bear to
cut it for cushions and Ted surprised me one weekend
by secretly mounting it on board and hanging above the sofa.
Of course there's so much more. . .
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