Wednesday, January 23

3 pages of A4

A friend mentioned she was starting a new idea of
hand writing 3 pages of A4 paper each morning as a way
of sorting thoughts and clearing her mind.

It sounded a bit mind boggling to me
but being awake earlier than anticiated this morning
I was sitting at the table with my first cuppa and
no broadband connection so decided to give it a go. . .

I can't remember the last time I hand wrote anything
let alone three complete Pages of A4
but once the scrawl started to flow it didn't want to stop
and I was quite amazed at what came out-
as I was writing it felt like reading a letter from
someone you know, but they were telling you some
rather surprising things you hadn't expected to hear!

Towards the end of the last page the spaces between words
got a little wider in order to eat the lines
but apart from that it wasn't as difficult as I'd thought.

Afterwards I put the pages in the fire-
they weren't for anyone else to see and it didn't
seem neccessary to re-read them.
I'm going to try and carry on for a couple of weeks,
anyone care to join me?


KC'sCourt! said...

I will give it a go - one day! Never much good at that sort of thing. I remember at school good old english class I was never much good at it, write a story 300 words - all they got from em was three paragraphs consisting of about ten words each!
Julie xxxxxxxx

lettice leaf said...

Elaine, I started with this carry-on a few years back.

I was recommended... 'The Artist's Way' by Julia Cameron.

The first chapter for awakening your creativity is entitled 'Morning Pages'. In true me tradition, I set off, expecting all my latent arty-fartyness to pour out, freeing the inner creative genius. After a couple of weeks... I got BORED waiting for the bolt of lightening, so packed it in and flopped back on the sofa.

Forgotten it 'til I read your post. The book is now firmly back in my 'To read' pile.


Lazy Daisy Jones said...

I do a similar thing with my notebooks...lists....whatever.
I write aims goals any personal for me! thats the key i think?

"Its whatever gets you through the night...its alright" tra la la etc

D x

Deborah said...

It's a good idea to get everything down, bothers, worries etc I do this in list form every morning :) have a happy day sweetie

Bee happy x

Greenorchid said...

Yep I did this many years ago too via 'The Artist's Way'. I found it helpful... I write things down to clear my head all the time but I find it most helpful when I can't sleep.. i get up and write in an outpour style and then go back to bed... Enjoy!

delia hornbook said...

I did this to when i was going through a very difficult relationship a few years ago. It helped me with the control i was experincing etc. It was a huge help and stopped me from going around the bend :-) Enjoy it, dee xx

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

You know what they say better out than in! :) x

Floss said...

Yes, this is a stunning way to sort out your thoughts - I identify with what you say about being surprised about what comes out...

I got the idea from the book Simple Abundance, which also referst to The Artist's Way that other people are mentioning. I don't do it every day but I do realise sometimes that I've got stuff to sort out and take the time to write it down. Things are always better when I do.

Ivy Black said...

I like to do this too. I keep notebooks with all kinds of stuff in. I certainly helps to get it all out a sit were!

BadPenny said...

I'm always starting note books but tend to put negative things in ! Now I try to banish those negative thoughts & think positive.

Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

I'm always talking and chattering ( far too much my teenager thinks ;-) ) but one vever knows, perhaps there still are things left unsaid to be put in writing :-) Pam x

nilly said...

Every day my very best friend & I email each other - off-loading yesterday's thoughts, ideas, trials & tribulations and also offering advice & a view from a different perspective to each other. Not quite the same thing but it works quite well & we miss it when one of us is away.

Kim said...

Michael, (KennyRogersLookAlike) says that those whiskery steel threads are your steel belts coming apart....augh...that can be dangerous! So glad I could help you from across the pond! I got my two new fronts on this afternoon after the cataract check up for him! Everything back to 20/20 Car and Man!

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