Monday, January 21

Haramaki luuuurve

There's no doubt I'm the world's the coldest person
(I only felt vaguely warm was when I had hot flushes!)
and winter is always a struggle, despite ever-increasing layers
of thermal vests, Heat-Tech leggings, cashmere sweaters,
socks scarves gloves hats. . .and that's just to wear in bed!
I eat hearty meals with heating herbs
drink infusions of warming spices
and exercise vigorously
but still feel cold inside.
This year, I discovered Haramaki
which is basically the shape of a stretchy boob tube
worn on your midsection, keeping your lower back
exceptionally snug, and its really REALLY made a difference!
Loosely translated, haramaki comes from the Japanese words hara,
meaning the centre of the body, and maki, meaning ‘to wrap up’
I bought mine on the internet- they're for sale on eBay,
Amazon, and specialised websites and cost around £18.00.
Willing to try anything, I was doubtful it'd be soooo effective
but boy, am I pleased it is.
Inner warmth at last YAY!!


Hen said...

Does it make you look thinner too? Now that would be a bonus!

KC'sCourt! said...

Same question?
Julie xxxxx

Vintage Jane said...

I'm going to get one! I am a cold bod too. Any wonder cures for cold feet too?? I have Raynauds disease and my feet really suffer. Went sledging at the weekend but had to come home early as my feet were so painful despite 3 pairs of pop socks and two pairs of socks - I would have worn more but couldn't get my boots on!! M x

Maria said...

Ooh I must get one too! I am the most chilliest person also...
Thanks for sharing this!
Love Maria x

Susan T said...

Can't stop I am off to get a Haramaki! I bet it helps with backache too, keeping all those muscles nice and snuggly warm.

Andi's English Attic said...

Yes they do look as though they promise to hold the tummy in at the same time. That would be an added bonus. xx

Greenorchid said...

Yep I've been keeping my Hara warm since seeing an acupuncturist many years ago and it does really help me... I wrap a pashmina around my body though I might investigate to see if I could maybe make one from and old felted jumper! Thanks for sharing keep cosy.

bayou said...

I only heard of hara kiri.
And for to stay warm, I always wear leg warmers in winter because I find cold starts at the feet. For riders and hunters there is nothing better than angora underwear, I find, so it looks a bit like on your photo.

lettice leaf said...

Same sort of idea as my 'comfort blanket' holds you in all the right places item of apparel.

Snug as a bug in a rug.


delia hornbook said...

Now that looks interesting :-) Im the same as you i can never get warm infact with the cold spell at the moment i have had to spend a few days at home at a time. But thats beacause my hips and joints dont like it either. But my thumb nail and lips go blue my friends laugh at me and ask me if im still alive dum really when im still breathing. Keep warm lovely, dee xx

Vintage Tea Time said...

Sounds a great idea - esp if it slims too! It doesn't roll up then? (Yes, I am old enough to remember roll ons!!)

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Love this idea, can you plug it in for extra warmth!!! :) x

Tonia said...

I'm currently wearing 2 pairs of tights, boots, long skirt and 4 tops of varying thickness...reaching the desk is becoming increasingly tricky. I need to get me a haramaki!

Sylvia said...

Good for you, Elaine !
I don't need it, I rarely feel cold :-)
Nice week,

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