Tuesday, January 8

vote for The Vintage Bazaar!

help Lizzie & Clare at The Vintage Bazaar to win! 

At the end of last year Lizzie and Clare
who run The Vintage Bazaar 
helped style the front cover of
Pretty Nostalgic magazine

The magazine is running a competition to find

the best markets in Britain and
The Vintage Bazaar has been entered. . .
now all thats needed is everyone to vote for them!

Just  click here and follow the link


bayou said...

Hi Elaine, as I cannot visit the Bazaar (again, it's so unfair!) I have at least voted for it.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Will pop over! :) x

thriftwood said...

Will do!

Claire xx

nilly said...

That link won't work for me! I suspect it's because I'm in Yorkshire & voting for anything other than a fair in God's Own County would count as treason.

Sylvia said...

Can I vote too, Elaine ?
I've tried, but the link doesn't work ...
Nice week,

ted and bunny said...

ooops, my fault- note to self always TEST LINKS FOR KINKS!
have re-done it all all ok now

Sylvia said...

Yes, the link is ok now :-)
I've just voted for the Vintage Bazaar.

The Vintage Bazaar said...

Thank you all for voting..and of course to Miss Bunny for alerting the world to this close competition! Lizzie

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