Thursday, February 14

a bit out of step?

do you ever get that feeling you're out of step with the rest of the world?
I think I've been like it forever.

I can't remember a time when what I did or thought or liked or said
was the same as what everyone else did or thought or liked or said.

I laugh at the wrong bits in films (laugh at the wrong bits in life)
don't watch soaps, don't read Hello! so don't know the names of celebrities,
I like being older, don't mind holes in clothes, don't see the point of Primark,
don't light candles, don't have anything Cath Kidston and
although I don't smoke I LOVE the smell of a cigarette.

I like chilled sherry, warm ice cream and melted Mars bars (not necessarily together!)
and think it's ok to wear a mini skirt
and tell a waitress you won't leave a tip because the service was apalling.
I'm no good at gardening and I don't care.
My memory is awful (can't remember if I care about that).
I don't want an Iphone- in fact I don't want any of the latest must-haves.
Is it just me?



Greenorchid said...

I'm with you... If you're famous and under 40 I probably will have no idea who you are... If I was given something from cath kidson I'd take it back for a refund and spend the cash in the charity shop across the road. Iphones humbug and I'd only leave a tip for good service too! and am happy to give a verbal tip.
I do like gardening but just go with the flow... sounds to me like you are just being yourself and enjoying it!! Who wants to be a sheep... Baa... You're not out of step it's the rest of the world...
Smiles Cass

Kylie said...

Hello, sounds like we're cut from very similar cloth. I can put a big fat tick next to almost everything except gardening (I've got a bit of a green thumb), Primark (what IS Primark?), and the mini skirt. Funny about cigarettes, I detest smoking, but oh how I love the smell of a freshly lit fag. (I have kept this dirty little secret to myself until now). I put ice in my wine (even the good stuff) and my husband bought me an iphone two weeks ago, and it's STILL in the box! I'm perfectly happy with my el-cheapo pink Nokia. I could go on. And on.

KC'sCourt! said...

I'm Definitely out of step! I definitely don't watch soaps and haven't yet met anyone else who doesn't either, but now I have! Never read Hello only perhaps in the the dentists/doctors waiting room.
I'm no good at gardening either, all my plants and bulbs come from Poundland!
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Jaki Morris said...

No, you're not alone!

I hate the sheer wastefulness of Primark, all those 'here today gone tomorrow' fashion must haves.

Take care


Andi's English Attic said...

I know exactly what you mean about the cigarettes. I don't smoke but I love the smell of herbal ones because they smell like pot. And the scent of cigars remind me of my dad at christmas.

I've bought one Hello in my life and that was because a friend was in it (aren't I grand!)

You're certainly in step with a lot of folk in blog land. Who wants to be like the rest of the world anyhow? :) xx

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Just keep being you, everyone else it spoken for! :) x


No .. you're not the only one!
I just thought I have always been .. well .. just Nuts..

Vicky x

Molly said...

I really liked this post. T&B you are not out of step at all, you are you.

nilly said...

It's a conundrum I cannot solve - is there another world out there where Normal people live. I'm not one and I don't seem to meet any. Even when I think someone might be Normal, hey presto, they display some delightfully oddball behaviour! What a relief.

Sylvia said...

Enjoyed your post, Elaine !
I watch a Belgian soap ...
I do light candles, I find it so cosy, I used to smoke a very long time ago and I don't like the smell anymore (my husband still smokes) ...
I love Dame Blanche, ice cream with chocolat sauce,
my favorite :-)
I don't have an IPhone either ...
Happy Valentine's Day !

The Cloth Shed said...

I can tick all the above ... dont watch soaps, or read Hello, I wear good quality second hand clothes, but sorry... I do have an IPhone and love it.
Julie x

OhSoVintage said...

I can relate to some of these too. I hate shops like Primark, I hate this throw away society we live in. No, I don't know half of these celebrities either and what are they famous for? Can't stand programmes like Big Brother or I'm a Celebrity or Come Dancing. Don't read Hello as I don't care about the people and I've never heard of them anyway. As for the iphone, yes I do have one and I love it too. I would like to be more daring and different in what I wear but don't have the confidence to carry it off!

lettice leaf said...

Another Cath Kidson free zone and to think I was the only one!


Rose H (UK) said...

I'm with you on nearly all of that Elaine. Can't stand ciggys though.
Who's Primark?....don't think I've even SEEN one! (Don't 'do' towns if I can help it) Oh, I do light candles occasionally though.
Rose H

Gillie said...

Do have a phone, hate cigarettes as both mum and dad died of lung cancer and love gardening BUT hate this 15 minutes of fame lark, feel lots of peeps are missing out on being recognized for worthwhile endeavours because we apparently want and need to know all this rubbish. Love charity shops, Goodwill here in US not quite so much fun. Primark seemed cheap and nasty the one time I went in.

Kim said...

thank goodness it's not just me, then! My daughter says I waited all my life to be the age I am. Ha. I don't know if you get the Jerry Seinfeld show in the UK but I never laugh at it because I understand it. It is so bizarre but I find it just like life..everything spins off of everything everyone does and says. I only have a trac phone which is pay as you go and I never have it on unless I'm on a trip. Why do I need to run up a bill that I don't need when I am at land line phones all day and nite? My memory however is good, but mostly for trivia! ♥

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