Monday, March 18

bye bye cookery books

Good Housekeeping Cake Making 1953

to sell or not to sell. . .

that is (or rather was) the question. . .

people often say how difficult it must be to sell things
that you really really REALLY like

and to be perfectly honest, YES IT IS!!

but we don't have unlimited space at home, and on top of the normal
household bills which seem to increase in enormous proportions

I also have Bruce, who seems to eat enormous portions!
(talk about eating like a horse- I think the saying was invented for him!)

I've listed two cookery books on eBay this week which I really
would've liked to keep

but before they were listed I had great fun trying out some
truly vintage recipes, which alas looked so unlike their
photographs I'm not going to show you the finished results! 
Jams Jellies & Preserves 1952

a sweet litle hand-sized volume.

Both books have bids placed so there's no going back now,
they'll be finding homes elsewhere and be loved by someone new

but it was nice to have them for a little while. . .


Sherri B. said...

I just made myself part with a few cookbooks too..It wasn't easy and I probably should have parted with more. Bruce will thank you in the end..You are a good mom! xo

elegancemaison said...

Oh I do sympathise! I love my old cookery books. But I will also have to cull my collection. I've already started with my textile reference books. It's hard. But as you say, we had the pleasure of them once. Cx

PS Did you sell that umbrella basket? I forgot to ask you at North Cadbury.

WinnibriggsHouse said...

It is at times like this that I really appreciate my walk in pantry, which we have kept though many neighbours have integrated theirs into their kitchens. It means I have a long shelf to hide away my far too many cookery books (including the 1972 version of the Good Housekeeping one given to me as a Christmas present by my MIL) not sure if she was dropping hints at the time. I sympathise with your loss but admire your sacrifice for your man and horse!

KC'sCourt! said...

Oh I do sympathise too! I have listed lots of vintage crochet pattern leafets on ebay recently, but I photocopied the the ones I knew I would attempt sometime in the future.
Julie xxxxxxx

nilly said...

Aaah! Ethelind Fearon - I have "The Reluctant Gardener". I love her whimsical but no-nonsense tips for what's worth bothering with and what's not. I love her name too!

delia hornbook said...

They look lovely I would have struggle to part with them to. Im struggling over the question to I just found a wonderful 60's circle dome hairdryer in gorgeous condition and also a beautiful 60's black vinyl sewing box on dansette legs and lined with red silk and plastic both items are gorgeous. But I don't have the space for either and they will only be sat here and I to need to make some money. I have my fair in trull this Saturday and I am toying if to take them with me or not. Both are so iconic of their time and are like history building to me. Its a tough choice when you buy and sell so I understand totally where your coming from, dee x

Cheap2Chic said...

I think I would have struggled to part with them too. I still have a few scrapbooks that I used to glue Family Circle and Womans Weekly recipes in. When I look at them my thoughts return to when the children were small and I had to eke out the pennies for a meal.

Hope you're ok xx

BadPenny said...

They will be loved by someone new & Bruce can have a treat.

Just seen anon comment !!!!!

Sylvia said...

Sorry you can't keep those books, Elaine, they look interesting !
I have a lot of books and I would find it difficult to part with them too ...
Nice evening,

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