Wednesday, March 13

Duvet Day

The hunt were meeting locally today.
In order to avoid Bruce joining in by galloping round the field
or worse still- jumping the fence and REALLY joining in,
I thought it best he had a stable Duvet Day.
Annoyingly, after snow sleet and galelforce winds, this was the first
nice morning all week but it meant he could go out in the paddock
in his pyjamas for an hour, doing what Bruce does best
while Housekeeping attended to his needs!

The chambermaid assembled her tools
collected clean sheets
made the bed
topped up the mini-bar
and replaced the snacks!
His room is nice and bright with a spacious walk-in wardrobe
scenic views from the window
and a little friend next door for a chat.
Soon he was back in his stable, pyjamas swapped for day-wear
and once again doing what Bruce does best- eating!



Just love the pic's .. Bruce looking as handsome as ever!

Vicky x

Country Style Living said...

Just what I was thinking! Bruce is a handsome chap. Blees him... Hope you are well Elaine

Autumn Mist said...

I hacked out a couple of weeks ago and a friend on the yard mentioned that the hunt (Quorn) were coming. I met a woman up the road who asked if I was joining the hunt. I replied, "I might be!" as in, 'If I get home in time, then, no, but if they woosh up behind me, then yes!
P.S. Nice to meet someone with more rugs than I've got!

Su said...

It looks as though he enjoyed his duvet day! I broke my collar bone years ago falling off a horse that decided to join in with the hunt without my consent so i think your decision was very wise!

Molly said...

He certainly is a handsome Bruce and so he should be after all that 5* treatment - duvet day well and truly enjoyed.

Terry said...

Luxury suite for the handsome boy!

lettice leaf said...

This old nag's stable could do with a Bunny make -over... any chance?


KC'sCourt! said...

Great pictures!
Julie xxxx

Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

He is such a beautiful animal, even in his pyjamas ;-). I had a Norwegian Døla-horse many years ago. Miss doing the stables and grooming her :-) Pam x

Hen said...

That's cute! Thanks for showing s Bruce's den.

delia hornbook said...

This just leaves me feeling all warm and cosy. Bless Bruce he has one very lovely mummy:-) dee x

Linda Metcalf said...

what a beautiful animal! He deserves a lot of fluffing!

Regine Karpel said...

A beautiful horse indeed!

Lazy Daisy Jones said...

So so handsome...he really is gorgeous!!
daisy J

Jee said...

Had to admit that when quilted rugs came in they were a blessing as so much lighter to deal with but I used to like the business of rugging up with orange stripy rugs and leather rollers. (Still have a rug in my car and it still has horse hairs in it after many years and trips to the cleaners). He's certainly looking very fit and shiny

nilly said...

What a lovely way to spend the day - you I mean, as well as Bruce! Very satisfying and obviously appreciated.

allhorsestuff said...

loved *** that peek into our chores, their wonderfully kept, horsey life!

Bruce is so SHINY! I want to reach right through this computer screen and make it a "Touch" screen! With all the sensory delicacies!

It was cute you mentioning the "AND" (Half Halt) it definitely works for the lunge and the ground walking about I do. In the saddle...if all else has been dulled..that audible piece does work! At least to connect- the- dots for the horsebrain!

I Breath in- to up transition, and out- for down and halting. Being in unison with the breath...such heaven!

YOu take care now...I know the plate (Platter really) is full.

BadPenny said...

Bruce really is a beautiful boy

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