Saturday, March 16

horsehair jewellery handmade by Jo

my dear friend Joanne is making beautiful horse hair jewellery.
She made me a bracelet for Christmas from Bruce's tail,
exquisitely plaited and finished with a silver clasp 

she's also making keyrings to sell on eBay
'Handmade with love'
Have a keyring made up of your horse or pony's tail hair.

You'll need to send a piece of your horse or pony's tail hair (or mane if your horse has a long one) at least 12 inches long and the thickness of a standard pencil about 1 cm.
No need to wash it I'll do that.
Then all you have to do is wait about a week and the hair will be returned transformed into a keyring similar to the one in the pictures.

if you wanted Jo to make a keyring or bracelet for you
either contact her through her eBay page
or email me and I'll forward the message


Rachy said...

That is a wonderful bracelet!
I wish I still had one of my fellows to do that with :( x

Sherri B. said...

That is so pretty..I had never heard of horse hair jewelry before. Wasn't it nice of Bruce to give it up so lovingly? xo

Hesta Nesta said...

Love the bracelet and the key ring, what a clever idea. Hope all is well?
Jo xx

delia hornbook said...

Such a lovely idea its beautiful, dee x

KC'sCourt! said...

I sent a link to my friend
Julie xxxxxx

nilly said...

Fantastic idea and beautiful jewellery! (Sadly, I have no horse.)

BadPenny said...

Oh wow ! Great idea. My brother used to make Elephant hair bracelets ( and even varnished Ele dung to make a doorstop ) Ha ! he was an elephant keeper

Vintage Jane said...

What a lovely idea. I don't have a horse though ... cat hair??!!! Hehe! M x

Willow said...

These are fabulous !!

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