Tuesday, March 26

little treat giveaway!

I just thought we needed a little treat. . .
a little cheering up. . .
something a bit sugary
(not chocolate, there's enough of that on the horizon!)
a bit pretty
a bit frivolous
a bit colourful
and a bit fun. . .
this kinda fits the bill
its only small
but the pictures are cute
some of the quotations are inspiring
(and some are a bit difficult to fathom!)
its decorative
and it's my Giveaway to you
All you have to do is leave a comment
and say what cheers you up. . .
The Giveaway is open to everyone,
you don't have to be a follower
(altho its always nice to have your company)
and I'm happy to ship overseas
I'll do the draw on 5th April-
If you don't have a bog please send me your
contact email address in case you win

I know it's only a very little Giveaway
but it's sent with HUGE love!


Patri Bears said...

I am happy to participate! I will put your link in my Blog!
Thnk you so much for your kind words in my page
Patri Bears

Hesta Nesta said...

It's a gorgeous giveaway Miss Bunny and I would love to be considered please. A bit of sunshine would cheer me up at the moment instead of all this awful white stuff, it's like the Arctic here in Derbyshire and I'm about to brave it and take the Pugs out...must be mad! Have a lovely week.
Jo xx

delia hornbook said...

Hi, its a really sweet give away. I am with Jo a bit of sun would cheer me up to at the moment to although we don't have snow its bitterly cold. take care, dee xx

Sharon said...

Our black Miniature Schnauzer always cheers me up. However, I'm feeling she is always read with unconditional love. X thank you for the opportunity.

lettice leaf said...

Lovely idea... What cheers me up is reading other blogs blogs and commenting.

Don't include me in the hat, let some other deserving soul have more of a chance. Thanks any road,


Maria said...

~ Tis a beautiful give away....Could I be included...please and thank you very kindly...Ooh I am feeling cheerful because Easter is my very favourite time of year! and the clocks change this weekend too...so we could be over the worst...who knows....I am JUST feeling cheerful!! hehe....with the kindest 'Twinkles' ****** Maria x

Sherri B. said...

What a sweet giveaway, it would brighten anyones day. Please count me in...Did I see Bruce or perhaps a realative on one of the pages?

Have a wonderful week. xo

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Beautiful illustrations! Love a chance, thanks :) x

Gill said...

What a lovely giveaway!
Right now some warmer weather would cheer me up!!

ALISON said...

I am feeling happy at the moment as my daughter is flying home tommorow to be with us over Easter......seeing family always cheers me up.....love the giveaway...ciao Alison (Italy)

bayou said...

What cheers me up right now is to have a wee bit less of a trouble to get EG's birthday gift across from the UK. The gift is so big that it needs a bigger car or trailer to be carried around and in my drive is an old Range Rover to do the deal. I shall bring it to the technical inspection and by that hope to be able to get his gift across the channel asap.
I love that Victorian treat but even more I love to read your blog :-). We have never had to have the horse coat on that long as this year!

Terry said...

What a sweet give-away!
My critters cheer me up - horses, dog, kitties, even the birds at the feeder. I'm easy.

allhorsestuff said...

YOCHEER, "You Cheer Me" . I Left That Other Auto Correct Word, Cause That Also Annoyingly Cheers Me When It Makes Suc A Word As That!#

That's so My Style,I've Got Many A Victorian Beauty Around Presently.
So If You Draw My Name, Please Draw Another....

I Just Wanted To Say, I've Loved Your Blog Since I've Found It And, Your Generous Heart, WARMS Mine From Here!

BadPenny said...

How lovely but I'll give someone else the chance to be picked & that makes me happy !

nilly said...

What a lovely book! Ralph Waldo Emerson cheers me up! He's my kinda philosopher!

Judy said...

Sunshine is what cheers me up. In Indiana the winters are not sunny so I feel like a cat when I see sunshine. I want to lay in it and feel the warmth.

John Gray said...

My dogs make me happy

Favourite Vintage Finds said...

Thank you for the sweet giveaway, Elaine. :) Getting out into nature especially when it's sunny cheers me up. Happy Easter. xo

Sue said...

What a lovely giveaway for Easter, and a nice change from chocolate :-)

Don't include my name in the hat, I have far too many books as it is.

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