Sunday, June 30

home, my sweet home

Back home yesterday after a laughter-filled, fun day selling
 at the Vintage Bazaar Rag Market in Frome,
selling lots, meeting lots of lovely new people
and catching up with old friends. . .
tired but happy after unloading the car,
having a long hot scented soak in the bath
and a long cold glass of Guinness in the garden,
watching the beautiful Ruby Red Devons
contentedly grazing in the evening sun
on the other side of the hedge.
Bees doing what bees do before the sun sets
and then this morning as I put Bruce out in his field
the sun started to break through
and acres of blue linseed flowers
turned their heads towards the rays and
opened their little hearts to greet the day.
All is very well in my world
and I so wish the same for you. . .xx
ps lovely to meet bloggers and put faces to names, thanks for
coming to say helloo


Pennyblossoms said...

I have to say if my world was being a bit rough, it would be a whole lot better after reading and looking at this post.
What a perfect view from your garden...the grass quite possibly IS greener; and those cows are enjoying it!
Big hugs to Bruce.
Z xx

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

You sound quite content...
I noticed the Queen Anne's Lace in the border of the linseed field.
Though we are separated by a big, vast ocean, the wildflowers have traveled too coming on the wind and the early sailing ships with our European ancestors...
Susan x

nilly said...

Oooh what lovely pictures! I love those Devon Red cows - I've just sold two little old paintings of them & wish I hadn't. And beautiful linseed - I like a big spoonful on my porridge every morning.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

What a lovely view! :) x

elegancemaison said...

Lovely views - and never knew what linseed flowers looked like - how wonderful to gaze out on them.

I also had a good day at Frome yesrterday but had to unload and reload last night for a vintage fashion fair in London today. Guess what the first thing I sold was? The 1950s umbrella basket!Cx

Sherri B. said...

Such beautiful views..Really love the linseed flowers and the blue carpet they make.

Have a lovely week, my friend. xo

BadPenny said...

Lovely. I wish they'd grow Linseed in the field behind us !
Beautiful cows too x

Maria said...

~ I fell in LOVE with this post too! soo dreamy..Hugs Maria X

Vintage Jane said...

What a lovely gentle post! Glad you had a good day on Saturday. M x

Alexander Jay said...

What an idyllic home you have :) Do you know a village called South Petherton in Somerset? My Mum comes from there.

the woolly dog said...

What lovely photos at the end of a busy day, hope you sold lots. x

Kim said...

You live in heaven, Elaine, pure heaven! Love to you, Mark, Kit and Bruce

Delia Ryder said...

Simply, beautiful a little peace of heaven in a busy world. The simple things in life I find bring the most pleasure :-) Thank you for adding my fair flyer to your page to that means a lot, see you soon dee x

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