Monday, June 10

the woolly dog blog

I just want to tell you about a
gorgeously fresh, interesting and easy-on-the-eye
blog I've found cos I think you'll like it. . .
pop over and have a look at
she has lovely things for sale on Etsy too!


the woolly dog said...

OMG! just came over to read your blog and there's my dog... (thought I'd pressed the wrong button when the picture came up). Thank you so much for your lovely comments and nudge to my blog, just hope it stands up to your praise, lol. What a fantastic start to a very grey Monday. In a month or so I'll very happily write a post about your lovely blog as a thank you. ♥

Sherri B. said...

Oh what a great blog, thanks for the link...I'm off to check out more of it.

Have a happy week my friend! xo

nilly said...

Lovely blog!
Thank you for sharing.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

She has a good 'eye' (not sure what the other ones like!) thanks for the link! Some great images there :) x

The Faerie Factory said...

Off to say hello :)

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