Saturday, July 27

about to get PROPERLY hooked!!

I've tried
I've tried
I've tried
I've tried some more
and then I've tried LOTS more
I've sat up nights with my new b f on youtube
I've tried to follow patterns for beginners
and pre-beginners
and schoolchildren
and numnies
and asked friend's mums to help
and I still can't do it
so when I saw this ad in our local paper
and found Ali Campbell's gorgeous blog Hooked!!
I knew it was time to swallow my pride
and spend the "treat" money I still had from last Christmas
on something just for me,
that I really wanted to do
and get going PROPERLY with that crochet hook!

Can't wait til September!!


Country Style Living said...

I sympathise Elaine, this is something I have tried to learn too, via the same methods! Good Luck with your class, let me know if it does the trick!

Pearly Queen said...

It takes a while with crochet. You need to get the tension right to follow any pattern so I would recommend just making a chain and working dc into it all along. I used to get my beginners to make a bag in this way - just make ch for the width and then work in dc or htr until the piece is long enough to fold the top over for a bag,
The thing to be careful of is the ends of rows. I always do 2ch at the beginning and this DOES NOT count as a stitch when you come to it on the next row.


Trixie@ the vintage bothy said...


Trixie@ the vintage bothy said...


Trixie@ the vintage bothy said...


Plain Jane said...

I've just been trying to teach some friends from work - one of them picked it up straight away but another definitely needed professional help! Once you get started there'll be no stopping you x Jane

Jee said...

I was taught by an elderly friend when I was about 15 but I find it so irritating compared to knitting I'm ashamed to admit that I rarely do crochet. Classes sound fun.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Have fun!

allhorsestuff said...

Best Spent "Treat" Money,I Say!!
Have Fun, You'll Get It!

nilly said...

I have a 1960s shoulder bag like that! Honestly - once you get going crochet is much easier than knitting. I once (in my 20s !) got a stiff shoulder from too much crocheting, so be warned.

Su said...

I'm sure it'll be a brilliant course. I'm lucky that my granny taught me when I was about 10 :-)

Vintage Sheet Addict said... will learn, it's not easy but great to do! I think I need to go on one too! :) x

BadPenny said...

I've tried & failed too now going to look at the small ads in the local paper !

Sue said...

I was taught by my gran and picked up the (very) basics really quickly, but I stopped doing it as it makes me angry!!

I don't know why it's really weird, how folk find it relaxing I'll never know, I find myself getting more and more cross the more I do.

I know ....... I'm strange!!

the woolly dog said...

Congratulations for doing something about it! we have a buyer if I'm down there by then can I come with you lol thank you for the list of places you put on nilly's blog, I've made a note of them for future reference. x

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