Monday, July 8


I've been tweeted for the very first time!

 I know that I'm way behind the rest of the world with networking-
I've only just gone onto on Facebook for goodness sake-
so I think my 1st tweet deserves a bit of a fanfare!

 Alice Roberton from Homes & Antiques Magazine
 tweeted about Vintage at the Village Hall
 the fair I'm holding on 14th October 
(which you can also find on facebook)

All this technology gets a bit hectic-
 I'm going to need an I-Phone pretty soon
(and I've only just figured out how to work the microwave!!)

ps remember the first time we sent an email?!


KC'sCourt! said...

You clever girl - I've only just got my head round facebook
Julie xxxxxxx

WILLIE........! =^..^= said...

What's a e-mail....!!!
HeHe! I should'nt worry to much about it....Me! I'm still sending pigeons out as messengers..! Trouble is..They keep getting eaten...True! :>).

I don't do Facebook...Twitter....or even Twatter...I get nagged and nagged about it...I've got a Pinkberry though....Oh! well, l'll get there one day....HeH! laugh!

What's a microwave...Short curly hair....! :).

Vintage Jane said...

Oh my goodness, I really do feel as though I'm getting left behind ... !
I'm still trying to figure out FB and not getting very far, although not trying very hard either.
Oh, and we haven't got a microwave!
M x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I've whistled a few times but never tweeted! I'm having a half price sale on my vintage wallpapers...also a giveaway! :) x

Oooh Betty said...

Go you!

Su said...

Welcome to the world of Twitter! I use it lots and find it a very valuable resource :-)

Sue said...

I used to Tweet regularly and had loads of followers and followed lots of other like minded souls, then I got hacked by a gang of Brazilians who went bananas with my account so I closed it down.

I have just started up again, I have not Tweeted a word yet and yet I seem to be gathering Followers everyday, all gardening related, so someone somewhere knows my likes :-)

Congratulations on being mentioned, it's all really good advertising. This social media seems to be THE way to advertise free of charge these day. As for Facebook I love it and it's the only way I get to see all my grandchildren.

nilly said...

After looking at your link I'm tempted to start Tweeting (Mr N says I already twitter).
There are some really groovy antiques people on there...
But I need an I-phone first - and I only got my microwave because it was red and retro.

Alexander Jay said...

I tried being a Twit on Twitter once but couldn't get my head around what I was supposed to do....... :()

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