Friday, August 9

bowls. . .

this (she says, stating the obvious)
is a Pyrex bowl.
It was bought in 1961 and snuck its way into my
cupboard when we were clearing my mum-in-law's house
after she died.
I have a bit of a thing going for old Pyrex so
can't think of a nicer way to keep dear Bet
in my thoughts than with an everyday family object
that she used and used and used some more.
Mark says he remembers her stirring custard in it
when he was a child, and making jellies,
and beating eggs
and doing all the things you do. . .
with a Pyrex bowl.
I love the scuffs, the fact that its been so well used
its no longer clear.
I love the heavy weight and the beehive ribs
and its the first bowl I select from my
rather large stash of bowls
(bowl lurve is story to be told another day. . .)
when there's bowl stuff to be done.
Wandering around the early morning bootsale this week 
I found three "as new" old Pyrex bowls.
Cleaner, fresher versions of my favourite,
 they just HAD to be bought!
this girl can never have enough bowls
I washed them
and dried them
and stacked them
and wiggled them about (as you do)
wondering what might have happened to the fourth bowl
which completed the set?

And then it dawned on me!


thriftwood said...

Ooh Pyrex envy! We had one like this and it was kept in the cupboard to be used as the Vick's bowl ... not for anything else! The Vick's and boiling water was put in and we hovered over it inhaling the fumes with a towel over our head! Happy days ... thanks for jogging the old nostalgic brain ...

Love Claire xxx

Ethel Johnson said...

Bowls wonderful...I'm filling up! EE xx

lettice leaf said...

I've got one bowl exactly the same, frosted and fogged.
Auntie Margarine used to make cousin Peter's ½ pint Birds custard in it. They have both sadly died, but the bowl and the memories live on.


Plain Jane said...

Isn't it incredible how something as simple as a bowl can bring back such strong memories! Birds custard - sigh ... Jane x

KC'sCourt! said...

You had the fourth bowl! What a great find. I have a green Beryl Ware Pint Jug (the only piece of BerylWare I have now) which was my mums, she did the same make custard and beat eggs, and make different things in it.
Julie xxxxxxxx

Vix said...

What a happy tale! I love them. x

The Faerie Factory said...

Together at last :) ... All childhood baking involved licking the cake mix from a pyrex bowl ~ Sarah x

tailor green said...

I love it, I would have been jumping for joy at that happy find, Its these small things that fill our hearts with joy x

The Cloth Shed said...

Sorry to go off at a tangent but there was a woman on the radio yesterday who kept the door from her defunct washing machine... Uses the glass door as a Pyrex bowl.... Recycling taken to a new level me thinks!
Julie x

Sylvia said...

You have a complete set now, Elaine, great !
I used to have Pyrex bowls too, they seem to be indestructible ...
Nice weekend,

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Brilliant! I love the big pot ones too, with their scratches and cracked glazing....wondering how many cakes have been mixed in them :) x

BadPenny said...

A match made in Pyrex heaven !
My mother's Pyrex mixing bowl is larger & held wonderful 1970's trifles too !
( Love your tea tray pin board too )

Sal said...

Ha ha....that is amazing! I'm a Pyrex fan too! Lovely blog btw!! ;-) xxx

nilly said...

I love the fact that brand new Pyrex looks retro too - wonderful stuff!

the woolly dog said...

Can't say I remember bowls like this, only the smooth ones of which I have a couple (always good for the Christmas puddings) are the ribs only on the outside? as they wouldn't be good for beating would they? x

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