Monday, September 9

Peapod & Peony

my friend Kirsty has a little herd of pedigree goats
and she taught me how to milk them, which I love-
who knew that I'd like goats so much?
I certainly didn't!
My favourite is Peapod who's an Anglo Nubian, and last summer
she had 3 kids. Kirsty kept the only girl and named her Peony.
I was lucky enough to watch little Peony being born,
and gently wipe away the debris from her nose and mouth-
it was very quiet and peaceful in the
goat shed that evening, something I'll always remember

She's growing into a fine goat and of course,
she has a special place in my heart.

I hope we'll be able to watch her kids being born
and that in time I'll be milking her too.

Kirsty has been busy using the milk to make bars of
gorgeous goatsmilk soap (no, it doesn't smell "goaty"!)

She says more about it on the goats facebook page

so if you think you'd like to try some, or see more pics of
the girls, pop over and have a look.
I use the soap myself, it's very gentle and creamy
(and Mark steals it cos he says it makes great shaving soap!)
Peony likes to climb inside the hay box and curl up asleep
in the hay- soon she'll be too big to fit through the gap!
Don't you just love Peony too?


Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

Good morning :). Now that is just the loveliest post! She is soo sweet and just emagine that you got to be there when she was born, now that is so special! My husband and I would love to have sheep or Mohair goats someday. I am a little wary of goats because I always seem to get butted or nibbled at. Can`t let that stop me now can I ;). Thank you for sharing, so lovely to read. And yes, you are right in translating: "så fine kort", thanks for commenting. Pam xx

the woolly dog said...

That must have been really moving to help with the birth, you'll have a connection with her. Like the comment above I'm a bit wary, when I was about 4 and wandered into a neighbours garden to look at the kids, I was butted from behind into stinging nettles by a billy goat. So.. bad experience with horses, goats and before you post about bulls yep been chased out of a field by one as well, not doing too well on the animals front! xx

adson stone said...

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nilly said...

Oh dear - now keeping a goat is on my bucket list too! Goats milk soap is very popular my friends and family - good for eczema & other annoying little problems.

The Orchard Year said...

They are quite simply adorable.

Sylvia said...

Oh, they are so cute, Elaine !
Nice week,

Sherri B. said...

Oh, peony is just precious and how special that you got to be there and help out in her birth. Goats are so much fun and the soap is lovely for sure...Thanks for sharing these cute photos.
Have a happy week my friend. xo

WILLIE........! =^..^= said...

As a boy l worked on a local farm, and helped lambs into the world!
But, back home in Sicily, it was goats, it's an amazing thing to see and do!
And, to watch them grow and become part of a family...But then....Best leave it there...!!! :(.

KC'sCourt! said...

They are cute. When our eldest was small we used to give him goats milk instead of cows. Must try goats milk soap.
Julie xxxxxx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Love goats - they have such character & are usually very friendly too.

Marie Ali Campbell said...

All I can say is Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Sowy Stitch said...

Such a lovely post - I will enjoy my goats milk, cheese, yoghurt and hand cream all the more - would never use anything else.

Kim said...

I love her. I may want a goat now!

Sue said...

I'm swinging between wanting a Dexter cow or a couple of goats for the milk/butter etc side of our self sufficiency plan, now you've swung the choose-o-meter back over to goats.

They are so easy to love and are so gorgeous aren't they.

Delia Ryder said...

awwww she is beautiful as they all are, dee x

allhorsestuff said...

Peony Is Such A Cute Goat
Name! Special, That You Were There Too.
Looking Forward To Hearing More Of Her, As She Grows

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