Tuesday, September 3

starting my crochet classes

Sometimes a girl needs a little treat.
With all the organisation for Vintage at the Village Hall,
eBay getting busy after the summer doldrums,
fair stock to be sourced and priced
and Ted being rushed off his feet with FIVE
decorating jobs all coming in together,
things are pretty hectic around here so I decided
(through gritted teeth) to do something just for me.

I spent my Emergency Treat Money on a 4 week course
of learn-to-crochet classes in nearby Shillingstone

run by Ali Campbell
who has the FAB crochet blog HOOKED!

So, for 2 diligent hours every week
I'll be hooking away under Ali's expert eagle eye
learning to do something properly
(which is a bit of a challenge for flibberty-gibbert me)

and having a blissful couple of hours away from
the phone and the lap-top.

The only thing that's going to be remotely stressful
is which of these gorgeous patterns from my
vintage crochet books am I going to
make first?


BadPenny said...

Those look very complicated but delightful. Good luck. I need a course like this.

Sherri B. said...

How totally exciting! You certainly do deserve a bit of recreation and in the end you will also be rewarded with something lovely..Please do share with us how the classes are going along the way.

If you care to know, I would chose the lamp shade..'love'. xo

Ethel Johnson said...

Those patterns all look really difficult, I'd start with a granny square first. The posies look cute.
Happy Hooking EE xx

Ethel Johnson said...

PS, I have just found a crochet pattern for a brain, I need this!

Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

What a good idea! Good luck and have lots of fun :-) Pam xx

Willow said...

Good for you.
My crochet specialty remains the same each year ~ scarfs lol, but I have that down !

Vintage Jane said...

Firstly, the amazing crochet scarf/cravat thingy (in a dark emerald green), followed by the bag (black and beige) and I will buy them!! No pressure ... ha, ha!!
Have fun!
M x

Marie Ali Campbell said...

Whatever pattern you choose Elaine, I will help you to make it! You did REALLY well yesterday - great neat stitches which is always a good start to your Crochet :0) Ali

Lazy Daisy Jones said...

Haha ....
have to break it to you gently but none of those ones Missy Bunny....lets see a granny square first?
actually i think that is wonderful....bestest d x

the woolly dog said...

Glad you're doing a course, perhaps you can tell me how hard or not it is, good luck, I'm still mumbling about going but keep on finding excuses not to go. Can't believe anybody could crochet those patterns! they look so hard! x

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