Thursday, October 31

60 hours off-grid

At 2 minutes past 5 on Monday morning a gust of wind howled through,
sounding like a train roaring up the tracks.
Our bedroom is tucked into the roof and with no loft or lagging
we listened as the slates lifted,
spent a split-second considering their options and then thankfully
dropped back into place.

Then an almighty crash as a tree next to the garden bore the brunt
of the storm and came down
bringing with it our electricity and phone lines.

And so we spent Monday Tuesday and Wednesday
without phone, internet and electricity.
No-one died (except the food in the freezer) so it wasn't
a catastrophe and in a way it did have some advantages.
I was amazed how much more you get done
when you only have daylight hours, because the light
from oil lamps might be romantic but it makes
close work a trial and I now have far greater respect for
those neatly hand-stitched embroideries created in
centuries past.
The Rayburn was a blessing, supplying us with
constant hot water for cuppas, and it even managed
to fill a shallow candlelit bath.
The woodburner burned brightly throughout the evening
keeping us cosy as we sat
"listening-in to the wireless", playing cards and
wondering about the people who lived in our house
before electricity, where they sat, what they talked about. . .
On Wednesday evening BT managed a temporary repair
on the phone line
and after 4 hours working (much of it in the dark) the electricity
linesmen got the power back on- they promised me they wouldn't
leave until we were connected, they were my heroes!
For better or worse, we're back in the Real World!

in the 1990 hurricane our chimney toppled
across the roof, and the house was without
power for 9 days, so all things considered. . .


KC'sCourt! said...

Glad you are safe.
Julie xxxxxx

The Cloth Shed said...

Makes you appreciate something we all take for granted when power is restored... All looks very romantic though with candles and oil lamps!
Julie x

Rachy said...

It does all look very lovely, thank goodness for the Rayburn! You house looks adorable btw x

Su said...

Glad you're back on now :-)

Willow said...

Looked very cozy ( I am sure it was just to a point as you said) and had a lot of ambiance , sounded like you made they very best of it. So glad to hear everyone was safe and glad you are back on track with electricity .

Jee said...

Glad you weren't cold and hungry. X

Crazyhound said...

Glad that you are all reconnected now, and great that you had the Rayburn and stove. It can be quite scary can't it when you sleep in the eaves and hear all the wind rushing around you.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I'm not sure I could be as upbeat about the situation....glad you're safe and sound! :) x

Ethel Johnson said...

It's the freezer that would have upset me the most...all looks so cosy, glad you shone through.xx

Pennyblossoms said...

I used to be so scared as a kid during the 3 day week in the seventies, as my parents had a large collection of oil lamps that came into their own. I was so worried that clumsy ole me would knock one over!
In Plymouth this week ...lost LX for a while Sunday night and the internet/mobile is always rubbish on West Hoe!
Glad you are all oaky-dokey!
Z xx

nilly said...

So glad you are safe - and it does look very romantic!

Jacqui Galloway said...

Glad it wasn't worse. It's good to touch base with 'the old days' ocassionally. Makes you appreciate what you have.x

thriftwood said...

Ooh Elaine, the way you write, it makes it sound very romantic ... would have been quite reluctant to get back to 'the real world'!

I'm sure it was very hard too, your pictures are gorgeous, very atmospheric ...

Glad no-one was hurt and that you're back on-line ;)

Love Claire xxx

Sylvia said...

Oh my, quite an experience, Elaine !
Glad you all are ok !
Nice weekend,

Sowy Stitch said...

What a thought provoking experience and a chance to connect with 'as was'. Pam x

Kim said...

Love this post, Elaine. Looks so quaint and cozy and romantic in the pictures. We have bad storms all the time here in the midwest of the US but I personally haven't had the electricity off for 60 hours. It is amazing though what we can do without and still manage to conduct our households. Glad you are safe. Love to Kit and Bruce.

BadPenny said...

Glad you could keep warm. My brothers & I used to love the 1970's power cuts flashing torches & murder in the dark. Mum & dad in the kitchen with battery radio & camping cooker !

the woolly dog said...

So glad you didn't have damage to your house! had the tiles gone it might all have been not so good, the stove was obviously fantastic with you not having electricity. Yes it does seem romantic in some ways and very cosy, I would have just liked the fact nobody could watch television or use a computer, and I'd have had no complaints when I dragged out the monopoly board. Glad you'e OK now. xxx

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