Friday, November 8

by hook or by crook?

yesterday morning I went to my
next-step-up-from-beginners Crochet Class
with Ali Campbell which was great fun-
we began on little Christmas stockings,
and if I can master the seasonal version
I might have a go at making
some human size crocheted socks.

I took Ali a present of this little antique bone
crochet hook with a different size hook
at each end and she said it was called a "crook"

Halfway through the stocking heel
I suddenly realised-

"by hook or by crook. . ."

Do you think that's where
the saying comes from?


Delia Ryder said...

aaww sounds lovely I will look forward to seeing your stockings :-) I would love to learn some different crochet stitches, dee x

Jille said...

I have one exactly the same! I didn't know what it was called before. Jille x

Sherri B. said...

I have a link that you might find interesting regarding this.

Have a happy weekend. xo

the vanilla squirrel said...

Wow impressed by your crochet....... Do show and tell! Happy weekend wishes x

Marie Ali Campbell said...

Elaine your crochet is coming on leaps and bounds! (There's another saying for you to look up!!) Ali x

BadPenny said...

I love sayings & their meanings x

Ethel Johnson said...

Socks already! I wonder why they don't all have two hooks...mine have only got one. :( xx

Jacqui Galloway said...

Love finding out meanings for oold sayings. Have a good weekend. J x

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