Wednesday, January 30

good morning mum!

I was sitting at the laptop, idly looking out the window
(as you do) and thinking about my mum.
Next month will be 9 years since she died
in terribly sad circumstances-
she was going to get married after long years without my dad
but had a heart attack 3 days before her wedding.
It's as if it was only yesterday but at the same time a hundred years ago;
those tragic events are indelibly etched but with time comes
the ability to temper the sadness with happier memories,
and mum had an uncanny knack of finding happiness in
the most unlikely situations!
I looked up at the sky and there, in the wintry morning sky
arched a rainbow, beautiful colours smiling down at me.
Good morning mum!
I love you xx

Monday, January 28

thank you!

thank you!

THANK YOU thankyou thankyou thankyou
thankyou thank you!

you leave lovely comments and send thoughtful emails
and I'm a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad blogger
because I don't get time to answer you
as often as I would like
(although I do read your blogs and laugh and cry)
and so many of you post about crafts and recipes and achievements
you've completed (and ones you haven't!)
and I'm filled with admiration for everything
going on in these creative times.

Such support, such a source of inspiration
and so many fabulous people!
Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead,
look forward to reading about it
and forgive me if I don't comment-
it doesn't mean I don't care

Wednesday, January 23

3 pages of A4

A friend mentioned she was starting a new idea of
hand writing 3 pages of A4 paper each morning as a way
of sorting thoughts and clearing her mind.

It sounded a bit mind boggling to me
but being awake earlier than anticiated this morning
I was sitting at the table with my first cuppa and
no broadband connection so decided to give it a go. . .

I can't remember the last time I hand wrote anything
let alone three complete Pages of A4
but once the scrawl started to flow it didn't want to stop
and I was quite amazed at what came out-
as I was writing it felt like reading a letter from
someone you know, but they were telling you some
rather surprising things you hadn't expected to hear!

Towards the end of the last page the spaces between words
got a little wider in order to eat the lines
but apart from that it wasn't as difficult as I'd thought.

Afterwards I put the pages in the fire-
they weren't for anyone else to see and it didn't
seem neccessary to re-read them.
I'm going to try and carry on for a couple of weeks,
anyone care to join me?

Monday, January 21

Haramaki luuuurve

There's no doubt I'm the world's the coldest person
(I only felt vaguely warm was when I had hot flushes!)
and winter is always a struggle, despite ever-increasing layers
of thermal vests, Heat-Tech leggings, cashmere sweaters,
socks scarves gloves hats. . .and that's just to wear in bed!
I eat hearty meals with heating herbs
drink infusions of warming spices
and exercise vigorously
but still feel cold inside.
This year, I discovered Haramaki
which is basically the shape of a stretchy boob tube
worn on your midsection, keeping your lower back
exceptionally snug, and its really REALLY made a difference!
Loosely translated, haramaki comes from the Japanese words hara,
meaning the centre of the body, and maki, meaning ‘to wrap up’
I bought mine on the internet- they're for sale on eBay,
Amazon, and specialised websites and cost around £18.00.
Willing to try anything, I was doubtful it'd be soooo effective
but boy, am I pleased it is.
Inner warmth at last YAY!!

Tuesday, January 15

chicken update

Sadly, last year dear Henny and Martina
had a close encounter with the fox.
We were so upset and for a while afterwards
 we didn't have any chooks.
Then a friend-of-a-friend
 phoned and said her two had stopped laying and would we like them
"otherwise I'll wring their necks".
Only one response to that - go get them QUICK!
Melaine has deformed feet but manages to strut about quite happily
and Mrs Browne is exceptionally bossy.
Both hens free-ranged in the lady's garden and frequently got caught
by her terrier dog, but she didn't think that had
anything to do with the fact they didn't lay!
Two days after they arrived we were presented with
a perfect, speckled brown egg.
Just before Christmas I collected Joan and Edie Warren
from the local battery house.
At 14 months old they were nearing the end of their commercial lifespan,
so another pair have escaped the chop!
They've settled in well, quickly learning their place in the pecking order
 and trying to avoid Mrs. Browne's very sharp beak!

Their feathers are gradually growing so hopefully by springtime
they'll be two plump girls with nice red combs that stand tall.
Unfortunately Joan lost a toenail and was quite lame
but after bathing her foot for a few days in warm saltwater and
treating with antibiotic spray she's back on form.
In the mean time I'm more than happy with a couple of eggs each day
throughout the winter, but I have no idea who is doing the laying!

Friday, January 11

woolly lurve. . .

he's moved in to the field next to our house and every morning
he waits at the fence for a piece of carrot and a head scratch. . .
I'm in love!

Tuesday, January 8

vote for The Vintage Bazaar!

help Lizzie & Clare at The Vintage Bazaar to win! 

At the end of last year Lizzie and Clare
who run The Vintage Bazaar 
helped style the front cover of
Pretty Nostalgic magazine

The magazine is running a competition to find

the best markets in Britain and
The Vintage Bazaar has been entered. . .
now all thats needed is everyone to vote for them!

Just  click here and follow the link

Thursday, January 3

new year revelation!

well, my horoscope said
something new would reveal itself at the start of the year
and it's true!!
The dishwasher cutlery drainer fits on the side of the dresser drawer
Now how good is that!!
(and how come its taken me 5 years to realise)
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