Tuesday, March 26

little treat giveaway!

I just thought we needed a little treat. . .
a little cheering up. . .
something a bit sugary
(not chocolate, there's enough of that on the horizon!)
a bit pretty
a bit frivolous
a bit colourful
and a bit fun. . .
this kinda fits the bill
its only small
but the pictures are cute
some of the quotations are inspiring
(and some are a bit difficult to fathom!)
its decorative
and it's my Giveaway to you
All you have to do is leave a comment
and say what cheers you up. . .
The Giveaway is open to everyone,
you don't have to be a follower
(altho its always nice to have your company)
and I'm happy to ship overseas
I'll do the draw on 5th April-
If you don't have a bog please send me your
contact email address in case you win

I know it's only a very little Giveaway
but it's sent with HUGE love!

Thursday, March 21

This day 1960

This day, the first day of spring 1960 my family moved
from the Midlands to Bournemouth
(a tad more modern by that time than in the card above!)

Each anniversary when we were little (and not so little)
mum used to take us to Fortes Cafe in Westover Road
where we had Knickerbocker Glory, then a walk through
The Gardens to the seafront. . .
I lived in Bournemouth until my early twenties
and my parents are both buried there.
They enabled us to have great opportunities
and build lives in a beautiful part of the country,
thanks so much for moving mum and dad!
I think I'm going to revive the tradition and
make a Knickerbocker Glory!

Monday, March 18

bye bye cookery books

Good Housekeeping Cake Making 1953

to sell or not to sell. . .

that is (or rather was) the question. . .

people often say how difficult it must be to sell things
that you really really REALLY like

and to be perfectly honest, YES IT IS!!

but we don't have unlimited space at home, and on top of the normal
household bills which seem to increase in enormous proportions

I also have Bruce, who seems to eat enormous portions!
(talk about eating like a horse- I think the saying was invented for him!)

I've listed two cookery books on eBay this week which I really
would've liked to keep

but before they were listed I had great fun trying out some
truly vintage recipes, which alas looked so unlike their
photographs I'm not going to show you the finished results! 
Jams Jellies & Preserves 1952

a sweet litle hand-sized volume.

Both books have bids placed so there's no going back now,
they'll be finding homes elsewhere and be loved by someone new

but it was nice to have them for a little while. . .

Saturday, March 16

horsehair jewellery handmade by Jo

my dear friend Joanne is making beautiful horse hair jewellery.
She made me a bracelet for Christmas from Bruce's tail,
exquisitely plaited and finished with a silver clasp 

she's also making keyrings to sell on eBay
'Handmade with love'
Have a keyring made up of your horse or pony's tail hair.

You'll need to send a piece of your horse or pony's tail hair (or mane if your horse has a long one) at least 12 inches long and the thickness of a standard pencil about 1 cm.
No need to wash it I'll do that.
Then all you have to do is wait about a week and the hair will be returned transformed into a keyring similar to the one in the pictures.

if you wanted Jo to make a keyring or bracelet for you
either contact her through her eBay page
or email me and I'll forward the message

Wednesday, March 13

Duvet Day

The hunt were meeting locally today.
In order to avoid Bruce joining in by galloping round the field
or worse still- jumping the fence and REALLY joining in,
I thought it best he had a stable Duvet Day.
Annoyingly, after snow sleet and galelforce winds, this was the first
nice morning all week but it meant he could go out in the paddock
in his pyjamas for an hour, doing what Bruce does best
while Housekeeping attended to his needs!

The chambermaid assembled her tools
collected clean sheets
made the bed
topped up the mini-bar
and replaced the snacks!
His room is nice and bright with a spacious walk-in wardrobe
scenic views from the window
and a little friend next door for a chat.
Soon he was back in his stable, pyjamas swapped for day-wear
and once again doing what Bruce does best- eating!

Sunday, March 10

outing the fear

After my accident last year with Bruce
(broken ribs/punctured lung/reconstructive surgery)
I have to confess I rather lost my confidence.

There, I've said it!
out in the open for all to see

My Name is Elaine
And I'm Fearful.

In 50-odd years of riding it's the first accident
where I didn't bounce, bringing home the fears
others express on my behalf (much sucking of teeth/
sharp intakes of breath and a great deal of headshaking)
when I gleefully announce my next horsey ambition.

Bruce and I have spent the winter pottering.
The weather provided a legitimate reason (excuse) to do little;
I've needlessly clipped him, lovingly groomed him and spent time
chatting, as you do. We've done some rudimentary groundwork
to keep our brains engaged, and on a couple of sunny mornings
we've ridden to the end of the drive, admired the view and returned home.

Now spring is in the air bringing hope of new beginnings
 I feel it's time to take fear by the hand.

Step 1 is admitting I'm scared and I don't HAVE to do this,
step 2 is knowing I want to do this and asking for help.

Kirsty is a wise, thoughtful and inspiring riding instructor
who has become a wise, thoughtful and inspiring friend.
She's my first port of call-
her calm presence, quietly helping me fathom Bruce's
tricky side, will put the confidence-building blocks in place
during schooling sessions in the paddock at home.
Then she'll bring her horse Apollo over, and together
we'll venture out into the open countryside.

I realise my journey with Bruce has also been
a journey of self awareness; that he's brought to the fore
doubts I've successfully hidden for years behind
a facade of false bravado, and it's now time to face them.

I realise I'm no longer Super Woman (was I ever?)
and it's ok to give yourself a bit of slack, to mess up,
get things wrong and not know the answers to everything.
Kirsty says
so long as you do what you can do the best you can do it
then that's enough,
so instead of pushing for major victories
 I'm going to acknowledge the pride in small successful steps.

I've also been reading Cathy Sirrett's amazing blog 
The Confidence Blog by Effective Horsemanship
which doesn't just apply to horses and has loads of
really REALLY sensible ideas on understanding
confidence issues in all areas of work and life.
She presents her posts in an orderly understandable way
putting a different slant on traditional methods
which definitely make more sense and seem achievable.

I'll let you know how things go. . .but you know,
it's been really good this evening just to admit the fear

because he's worth it!

Saturday, March 9

it was a lovely fair!

thankyou Lizzie & Clare for another fab fair. . .
great organisation
picturesque venue
light and airy hall
lovely stallholders
customers thru the door who wanted to SPEND money
tea and coffee in the kitchen
 it didn't rain until we'd finished loading up
and I remembered my camera (alas without much battery)!

unfortunately, all that packing and unpacking
was rather tiring for some of us!

Thursday, March 7


I'm busy getting ready for Saturday's Rag and Rummage Sale
(the sitting room is piled so high with crates, cases, boxes and bags
there isn't a hope its all going to fit in the car).
In true tortie style my Little Helper
is helping the best way she knows!
See you there- lots of gorgeousness to be had
but hopefully no tortie cat!

Tuesday, March 5

recycled thoughts

ok, so here's the thing. . .
I was at the tip, tipping rubbish
and finding some better stuff to take home (as you do)
There was a queue for the recycling banks
It was sunny, all was well with the world
and sitting in the in the drivers seat patiently waiting my turn
I got to thinking (as you do)
What if
you could recycle
your thoughts?
Take all the anguish, the negative thoughts, the naggy thoughts,
the beating-yourself-up and not-quite-satisfied thoughts,
the sad thoughts, the despairing thoughts
the confused and dazed thoughts
thoughts that moan, generally about nothing
and bitch
and feel insecure (generally about nothing)
and anxious
and scared
and come alive at 3 a.m?
What if you could take all those daft
unwanted un-needed thoughts to the tip
and pop them in recycling bins
and send them all off to be recycled
into good, kind, nice, loving and giving thoughts?
Well, it's a thought isn't it??
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