Thursday, April 25

uncovering the garden. . .

to say our garden "runs a bit wild"
would be stating the blimmin' obvious!
With the sunny days I've been out there tidying up
(I use this term loosely- VERY loosely!)
smiling at what I've uncovered from it's coat of winter debris


oh, I always knew THEY were there!

They did come out and "help" for a while but we have a fox living
on the other side of the hedge so I dare not take my
eyes off them for a moment; like innocents abroad they have
no idea of the danger of The Wild Side

Needle the Terrier. . .
Victorian tombstone from a pet's cemetery in a
now demolished Country House

I wondered where I'd left that watering can!

Monday, April 22

new fab fave!

so many people asked me about the coat I wore for
the Dairy House Textile Day fair so here's some proper pics-
I bought it in our local CS (BIG smiles at that find!)
and its lined with a silk scarf and a label "Made by Frou Frou".
Have to confess I'm totally in love with it,
altho Mark asked why I was wearing a curtain. . .

DEFINITELY a new favourite for me!

Friday, April 19

rescue x 2

tortie cat rescued from the farm 13 years ago this month
pink painted folding tea trolley rescued from the tip this morning
what's your best rescue?

Tuesday, April 16

Filling Bruce's Tummy!

Saturday morning food shopping for Bruce The Horse
needs something a bit bigger than a supermarket trolley

The phrase "eats like a horse" was made for him but
hopefully these two big bales should last a couple of months
until the late spring grass starts growing
He has hay rations morning and night but I'm sure
given half a chance he'd eat a whole bale!

Sunday, April 14

Dairy House Day Success!!!

very many congratulations and thanks to Tracey & Debbie
the new owners of The Dairy House
for organising a fab day's selling today!

Karen & Woo on the next stall,
homemade tomato soup lunch, coffee cake. . .and customers!

What more could a stallholder want???

just a few pics of my stall- taken before the rush started and before
my camera battery d i e d

Thursday, April 11

Dairy House Day 14th April

on Sunday 14th April I'll be at
The Dairy House Textile Day Fair,
which is always great fun with lots of vintage textiles, clothing 
furniture, furnishings and decorative antiques 
to buy from the resident in-house dealers, and invited guest traders.
I've been saving up a really nice assortment for my trademark
Ted and Bunny "you never know what you'll find" stall,
including small items of painted furniture, old gardening pieces,
household must-haves, vintage frocks and fashion accessories and a lot of
unused fabrics- yardage on the roll, remnants and dress lengths. . .
Hope you can come!

Tuesday, April 9

amazing picture- just had to share!

I found this picture -
can't remember where or when so sorry not to give any credits. . .
just had to share

Saturday, April 6

Easter Treat Giveaway winner is. . .

The scrummiest Easter pressie I received was this
UTTERLY GORGEOUS cake from Joanne
(my friend of many talents who makes the horsehair jewellery)

layers of sponge filled with fresh cream and lemon curd,
edged around with chocolate finger biscuits
and topped with a stunning bouquet of fondant flowers. . .
well what's a girl to do 'cept start eating!
when it was all finished (and yes, Ted did get a look in
albeit a very small one)

I popped some of the flowers in my chick dish,
where they sit on my desk as a lovely reminder of just
what a delicious treat the cake was, and how lovely
it was to be so spoiled! 
Soooooo. . .talking of treats, the winner of my little
Easter Treat Giveaway is Maria. . .
send me your email address Maria and I'll pop the book
in the post.
Thankyou everyone for entering

Thursday, April 4

yummy egg dish- with leftovers!

thanks to Melanie Joan and Edie each laying an egg per day
I've been thinking up some new recipes. . .

there are only SO MANY times you can have
boiled chooky eggs for breakfast and omelette for lunch!

The Mexican-ish eggs dish came about mainly because
there were leftovers in the fridge that needed using
but it was so nice (tasted better than it looks in the photo)
that I'll definitely make it again.

I quick fried a couple of red onions, garlic, chilli flakes, orange peppers,
mushrooms and courgettes in the wok, added a spoonful of oregano,
can of tomatoes, blob of tomato puree, some cooked rice and quinoa
that was hanging about, and let it bubble down
til it was thick and gooey.
Then I put it in individual dishes, made a scoop in the top,
cracked an egg into each, topped with grated cheese
and baked in the oven til the egg was set-
about 20 mins in the Rayburn.

I think it needed crusty bread which we didn't have so I served
with watercress and roasted beetroot salad- and spring rolls
(cos they looked lonely in the freezer!)

Try it and enjoy- let me know what you put in yours!

Wednesday, April 3

Motorised Bicycle Cyclemaster Video!

I roared with laughter watching this, but actually the information is really interesting. . .have a look and see what you think xx
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