Wednesday, May 29

facebook. . .
sooooooooooooooooooooo. . .
I've been and gone and done it
I put my big girl pants on and did the big girl thing
and went on
It's only taken me nine years to get round to it
but hey, procrastinating is ummmmm
well. . . .
not a bad thing
is it?
so here's the link to my page
and here's the link to Ted and Bunny page
I know lots of you are already there
so stop by and say hi
just don't mention anything about
Twitter Instagram and Pinterest!

Tuesday, May 28

help please. . .mystery textile. . .

I've been trying to figure out what this antique costume piece is
and I'm completely stumped.
It was in a suitcase of Victorian undies I bought recently
at our local fleamarket.
If anyone has an idea, please put me out of my misery!
hand stitched antique white linen with a tiny x-stitch initial at the top,
one side has a slot which reaches 3/4 of the way down
 (I thought at first it might be to cover a bustle but
it's too small/the wrong shape) and the other side is plain.
Two tape ties are more than long enough to tie around a waist.

14" long x 7" at the widest point

Saturday, May 25

have a lovely weekend!

have a lovely weekend everyone! xx

Monday, May 20

why I lurve the countryside

why I love the countryside. . .
just sat down at my desk and heard a noise
looked outside to see a shepherds hut trundling along the road!

(don't suppose the loooooong line of cars behind feel the same lurve!)

Thursday, May 16

vintiquing heaven in the US!

We've been to stay with family in the US, down in the Deep South
in South Carolina.
Gorgeous times, hours of chat sitting in the rocking chairs on the front porch- mega catch-ups, lots of laughing, food, drink, music, a road-trip to Tennessee, stayed in Nashville and watched
The Grand Ol Opry radio show recorded live.

My cousins organised mega vintiquing trips- I was in feedsack-quilt heaven- and I bought so many sewing boxes and textiles we struggled to pack 4 suitcases within the weight limit!
(well actually I struggled while Ted looked on with that "why can't you ever buy small things. . ." expression. He had another expression completely when the hand luggage wouldn't fit in the overhead locker on a completely packed plane, buts that's another story. . .)


Home now, jetlagged, missing my family, sifting sorting and patting
all these wonderful buys, trying on clothes hats and handbags
and wondering if I'm EVER going to part with
the Dresden Plate depression quilt. . .

Here's where we stayed- straight out of Gone with the Wind
and this is the view from the front porch. . .
Roll on next year. . .love you, cuzzies!


Thursday, May 9

cat lounging

Sun lounger £2.00 from the bootsale.
Cat, priceless. . .

Thursday, May 2

new neighbours

new neighbours moved in this week. . .

they'll take a bit of getting used to after the sheep moved out. . .

I don't think I'll ask to borrow a cup of sugar!

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