Sunday, June 30

home, my sweet home

Back home yesterday after a laughter-filled, fun day selling
 at the Vintage Bazaar Rag Market in Frome,
selling lots, meeting lots of lovely new people
and catching up with old friends. . .
tired but happy after unloading the car,
having a long hot scented soak in the bath
and a long cold glass of Guinness in the garden,
watching the beautiful Ruby Red Devons
contentedly grazing in the evening sun
on the other side of the hedge.
Bees doing what bees do before the sun sets
and then this morning as I put Bruce out in his field
the sun started to break through
and acres of blue linseed flowers
turned their heads towards the rays and
opened their little hearts to greet the day.
All is very well in my world
and I so wish the same for you. . .xx
ps lovely to meet bloggers and put faces to names, thanks for
coming to say helloo

Monday, June 24


I'll be selling at

I'd love it if you come and say hello!

hope to see you there

lots of great stalls and LOTS of great goodies!

Thursday, June 20

the return of VINTAGE at the VILLAGE HALL!!

I'm really pleased to announce the date for
10am - 4pm
at the larger venue
DT11 7AD
regular updates will be posted on  
I can't tell you how excited I am!!

Tuesday, June 18

prunes and apricots. . .an unanswered question!

so, here's a thought for which I'd like an answer
(if you have one). . .

at the healthfood shop dried fruit counter
you get whole prunes with stones
or whole prunes without stones.

And you get apricot halves without stones.

Why don't you get prune halves,
or whole apricots with stones?

Friday, June 14

grab cheerfulness where you find it!

The pack of sponge scourers (£1.00 for 20 at the market)
are far too bright and  jolly to leave in a drawer!
Grab cheerfulness where you find it cos. . .
look what the rain did to my precious peonies. . .

I'm no gardener (understatement of the century)
but I adore my bed of peonies
which grow and multiply all on their own
and bloom like there's no tomorrow. . .
well this year, there wasn't.


Wednesday, June 12

the MOST beautiful little porcelain ginger grater. . .

On our last holiday day in America we had to go buy another suitcase.
I'd bought so many quilts they wouldn't fit into the bags we'd brought with
(surprise surprise).
Next to TJ Maxx (the same as our TK)
was a little consignment store which just HAD to be visited!
Vintiquing one last time, under threat of death if I bought anything large,
I found this beautiful little porcelain ginger grater and knew it had to
be mine. . .
I use it most mornings to make fresh lemon & ginger tea
and each day it reminds me of that special holiday.
Do you have a favourite holiday memento?
ps sunshine doesn't count!

Monday, June 10

the woolly dog blog

I just want to tell you about a
gorgeously fresh, interesting and easy-on-the-eye
blog I've found cos I think you'll like it. . .
pop over and have a look at
she has lovely things for sale on Etsy too!

Friday, June 7

in love with sewing boxes!

now, I know that a grown woman should fall in love
with Rangemaster cookers and expensive frocks and
diamond rings and sensible stuff like that. . .

but. . .for me. . .
 these 1960s vintage American sewing boxes hit the spot
(which just goes to show I'm not quite grown-up yet!)

I love them so much I bought every one I could find on our US holiday. . .

(and yes, they were hell to pack into suitcases
for the return flight home!)

Tuesday, June 4


in my world, there isn't a better way to start the day. . .
hope your morning is filled with sunshine
and you have a dear friend to share it with

Sunday, June 2

Bruce's morning

I've just woken up and mum's late as usual. . .
I want to go out in my field and EAT!
hmm. . .there's some spilt hay in the doorway which I can
snuffle up while I wait
AT LAST! out thru the barn door into the morning sunshine
and a walk down my field to find the sweetest grass
where I'm joined by my field-mate Joseph
who thinks he's my shadow.
I walk, he walks. . .
I stop and eat, he stops and eats. . .
I scratch an itch. . .
so he scratches an itch.
I have to eat very quickly in case he gets more grass than me
I keep telling him that ALL the grass is mine and
 he can have the nettles, but he doesn't listen
 so I'll eat as much as I can before it's time
to go in this evening. . .
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