Monday, July 29

sound asleep & snoring. . .

sometimes a chap just needs his beauty sleep. . .

Saturday, July 27

about to get PROPERLY hooked!!

I've tried
I've tried
I've tried
I've tried some more
and then I've tried LOTS more
I've sat up nights with my new b f on youtube
I've tried to follow patterns for beginners
and pre-beginners
and schoolchildren
and numnies
and asked friend's mums to help
and I still can't do it
so when I saw this ad in our local paper
and found Ali Campbell's gorgeous blog Hooked!!
I knew it was time to swallow my pride
and spend the "treat" money I still had from last Christmas
on something just for me,
that I really wanted to do
and get going PROPERLY with that crochet hook!

Can't wait til September!!

Wednesday, July 24

an Asda cutie!

I only popped into Asda for some tinned tomatoes. . .
well, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do (and it was in the sale)

Sunday, July 21

hot. . .

the heat affects us all. . .

(no matter how much yoga I do, I don't think
I'll EVER get my backbone as stretchy as that!)

Thursday, July 18


is held at
SATURDAY 20th JULY 10am - 3pm
I'll be having a stall-
stock is piled high ready to load into the car
look forward to seeing you there!

Monday, July 15

someone knows my quirky taste!!

thankyou to the dear heart who gave me a little gift
that appealed to my quirky taste
and rather odd sense of humour
Its perfect,
I love it
and I'll NEVER be able to use them!

Friday, July 12

perfect picnic table!

perfect little folding vintage picnic table
just listed on tedandbunny eBay

true vintage - 1977 Made in England.
 Folding legs, tin top with a delightful floral print
from Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady

perfectly shabby, perfectly summery, perfectly us!

Monday, July 8


I've been tweeted for the very first time!

 I know that I'm way behind the rest of the world with networking-
I've only just gone onto on Facebook for goodness sake-
so I think my 1st tweet deserves a bit of a fanfare!

 Alice Roberton from Homes & Antiques Magazine
 tweeted about Vintage at the Village Hall
 the fair I'm holding on 14th October 
(which you can also find on facebook)

All this technology gets a bit hectic-
 I'm going to need an I-Phone pretty soon
(and I've only just figured out how to work the microwave!!)

ps remember the first time we sent an email?!

Friday, July 5


when the mature trees in the woods at behind our house
were felled I was absolutely horrified

83 magnificent oaks came down leaving behind
 nothing but devastation and mud, which then brought flooding
as the rainwater cascaded down the banks
towards our house.
I've seldom walked in the woods since, but this morning I took
a shortcut up to the farm shop to buy some local strawberries

I was amazed to see the vast swathes of wild foxgloves
celebrating the summer sunshine now their dark canopy
had been removed!

Nature is truly wonderful isn't it?

One door closes and another springs open!


Thursday, July 4

I do luuuurve a good cardi!

Wowie! TWO new (to me) cardigans in one day!
Now I do love a good cardi but haven't found one I like for ages.
Yesterday morning I saw this Boden lovely in our local CS
and knew it HAD to come home with me. . .

Then in the afternoon on the way to the supermarket
I saw this cutie marked-down to half price in M&Cos window!
A girls gotta do. . .
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