Monday, September 30


Well, you all know that I'm running a Vintage Fair
MONDAY OCT 14th 10am-4pm
 I've tried to keep fair news out of this blog and in it's own place
but sometimes something SO nice happens
 I have to tell you about it. . .

Kyla, who runs Bright Blooms Floral Boutique in Shaftesbury Dorset
has offered to dress the vintage tearoom,
supply a bouquet for the entrance
and do the flowers for Pearl Lowe's book-signing  table

how lovely is that?!
The flower shop is a delight to visit
and they do deliveries in their 1961 Morris!


Saturday, September 28


now why would a cat choose to sleep. . .

Wednesday, September 25

Textile Market in Othery Village Hall, Somerset Saturday 28th September

On Saturday I'll be selling at this great fair-
 Village Hall, Fore Street, Othery Somerset TA7 0QU

9am - 2pm

find lots lots of vintage fabrics, textiles, craft supplies etc
at this great new venue in Somerset!
See you there! xx

Friday, September 20

Fabulous Fungus

yes, our house is damp but I'm pleased to say
this beauty is in the field outside!




Wednesday, September 18

in the Granny Corner!

I told you about the crochet class I've been
attending through September-
well here we all are working under Ali's eagle eye!

Yesterday we began granny squares- Pam and I were the first
to take the BIG STEP in our "granny corner"
while the others completed their round mats.
There was lots of giggling as the penny slowly dropped
and we realised the reason for pre-learning all those basic stitches
and doing our homework
was to give a good ground on which to build
our ability to count stitches, read a pattern and more importantly
notice where we'd gone wrong!

Next week is the last in this course
but we're hoping Ali will run another in November

Ali's got a great blog Hooked! with loads of crochet tips
and she also runs E-Learning Courses.

I really feel like I've achieved something-
thanks for being so patient Ali! xx


Friday, September 13



 local crochet book author Sara Sinaguglia is going to run
an informal drop-in crochet workshop between 10am-2pm at

 If you want to learn some new stitches, have an easy corsage tutorial, resolve any problems or just share hookie-talk then drop by Sara's table, pull up a chair and enjoy this free informal workshop!

Monday, September 9

Peapod & Peony

my friend Kirsty has a little herd of pedigree goats
and she taught me how to milk them, which I love-
who knew that I'd like goats so much?
I certainly didn't!
My favourite is Peapod who's an Anglo Nubian, and last summer
she had 3 kids. Kirsty kept the only girl and named her Peony.
I was lucky enough to watch little Peony being born,
and gently wipe away the debris from her nose and mouth-
it was very quiet and peaceful in the
goat shed that evening, something I'll always remember

She's growing into a fine goat and of course,
she has a special place in my heart.

I hope we'll be able to watch her kids being born
and that in time I'll be milking her too.

Kirsty has been busy using the milk to make bars of
gorgeous goatsmilk soap (no, it doesn't smell "goaty"!)

She says more about it on the goats facebook page

so if you think you'd like to try some, or see more pics of
the girls, pop over and have a look.
I use the soap myself, it's very gentle and creamy
(and Mark steals it cos he says it makes great shaving soap!)
Peony likes to climb inside the hay box and curl up asleep
in the hay- soon she'll be too big to fit through the gap!
Don't you just love Peony too?

Friday, September 6

the people behind the blogs

I met two fellow bloggers last Saturday at the Vintage Bazaar,
both of whom have blogs I love.

Many of you already know
Mrs Black the shoppe keeping cat
but for those who've not met her yet
do pop over and say hi- you'll enjoy the visit!

Needlewomen will love Pam at Sowy Stitch
Pam runs craft workshops in Othery, Somerset
and sells easy-to-follow sewing project packs
on Etsy.

It's so nice to meet the people behind the blogs-
I love the new friends that blogging brings!

PS. . .
although I haven't met her, Eco Ethel's blog is fabulous
and the things she makes are amazing,
so while you're travelling the links stop off at hers
and have a look around

Tuesday, September 3

starting my crochet classes

Sometimes a girl needs a little treat.
With all the organisation for Vintage at the Village Hall,
eBay getting busy after the summer doldrums,
fair stock to be sourced and priced
and Ted being rushed off his feet with FIVE
decorating jobs all coming in together,
things are pretty hectic around here so I decided
(through gritted teeth) to do something just for me.

I spent my Emergency Treat Money on a 4 week course
of learn-to-crochet classes in nearby Shillingstone

run by Ali Campbell
who has the FAB crochet blog HOOKED!

So, for 2 diligent hours every week
I'll be hooking away under Ali's expert eagle eye
learning to do something properly
(which is a bit of a challenge for flibberty-gibbert me)

and having a blissful couple of hours away from
the phone and the lap-top.

The only thing that's going to be remotely stressful
is which of these gorgeous patterns from my
vintage crochet books am I going to
make first?

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