Sunday, January 12

keeping warm

Roger, the garden gnome grows a fine cloak of moss to keep warm

as does Martin (I think he's in there somewhere!)

This little Iris snuggles up to the chimney-breast on the outside wall,
pretends she's a hothouse flower and blooms away.

 I snuggle up to the woodburner on the inside wall and 
refuse to bloom until summer!


KC'sCourt! said...

I love Roger and his green cape, and Martin in his blanket. The iris is gorgeous
Julie xxxxxxx

Greenorchid said...

My that is a rather splendid moss cloak Roger has there! I acquired loads of moss covered logs this week to add to the wildlife habitat areas under some trees I have in the back garden... really gnarly and quite beautiful... Cx

Ethel Johnson said...

I fear Martin has let himself go... perhaps Roger could have a word or take him to Moss Bros? xx

Andi's English Attic said...

Roger looks so cosy and sweet in his coat.

'Little Iris' (who is visited by Roger in a green coat) could be the title of a children's book. Off you go. Just give me a credit on the title page!

It's hard for us girls to bloom in winter, unless we wear winter white - and with animals, that's a no no. xx

green glamour said...

great pics hx

Delia Ryder said...

aahh that made me chuckle your last comment:-) Its a grim day today one to snuggle up under the blanket and crochet, dee x

Sylvia said...

Roger is too cute in his moss coat ! :-)
Mild temperatures here, our Geranium outside started to bloom ...
Have a nice week, Elaine !

nilly said...

It has been so damp that I've noticed that our moss is unusually shaggy and a luminous green at the moment - beautiful!

Crazyhound said...

The little Mossy Roger is my favourite,so lush. I pity poor Martin though - will he break out?

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