Friday, March 21


couldn't resist buying this little jug this week

because I just ADORE the way its been mended. . .

with metal staples

somebody's much loved treasure from times past. . .
and now its MINE

hoping you all find something to treasure


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Gosh, I've never seen that before. Staples, I mean, on china. Didn't know it was possible. xx

Sylvia said...

You've found a real treasure, Elaine, such a special mug !
Have a wonderful weekend,

The Cloth Shed said...

Love riveted china... It always amazes me how flush the joints are, they must have had a very steady hand to hold the piece together then staple it. Often done by travelling gypsies apparently.
Julie x

Sue said...

I once had THE most beautiful sugar bowl (well actually it was the larger slop bowl) that had been stapled in lots of places and I loved it.

I don't know why I sold it on, I've regretted it ever since.
I love the thought that something so fragile was loved so much that so much care was put into making it whole again.

It's a shame the staples always rust though :-(

BadPenny said...

How on earth did they STAPLE that china without it totally cracking ?

Pennyblossoms said...

Gosh that brings back memories of stuff when I was growing up. It always, as Ba Penny wonders, how that worked, without destroying the item.
And there we have the perfect rendition of make do and mend!
Z xx

Pennyblossoms said...

What came first? The cracks or staples? ha ha
Z xx

Mrs Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

I'm glad I am not the only one with mended china! This is a wonderful jug. I always think of who may have owned it and the trouble they took to mend even though it was badly broken.

Josie said...

Now that is true thrift, I just love it! Thank you also for all the lovely pictures which you posted from 'Vintage at the Village Hall'. I would love to have gone, but your pictures are the next best thing x

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