Monday, October 13

very unwelcome visitors!!

we've been rather pre-occupied removing unwelcome visitors who
took up residence in our loft. . .

a particularly large hornets nest!

Unfortunately they didn't all succumb to the powders liberally applied 
to their entry/exit point under the lead flashing on the roof
and were happily still buzzing away when Mark opened the hatch,
expecting them to be well dead!

Another dose had to be sprayed directly into the nest!

A week later it was safe to go up and remove the nest which
hung just over 2 feet long and was too wide to fit through
the loft hatch opening.

Such a shame to destroy the exquisitely built colony
but alas in this case, wrong time, wrong place. . .
(and I'm everso relieved they're gone!)


WinnibriggsHouse said...

I can understand your relief! I would be terrified. Don't even like wasps never mind those big boys. Hope you're otherwise keeping well. X

Sue said...

I'm so glad you got this sorted.

They really are a thing of beauty, the nests that is, all that hard work, such a shame it had to be broken to get it down, I bet a local school would have loved it for the nature table.

I'm glad those buzzy beasts have gone now, as I expect you are too :-)

Vintage Jane said...

What an amazing nest construction. So glad you managed to get rid of them without incident. I was stung by a hornet when riding pillion on a motorbike years ago ... it hurt like hell and my screaming gave my then boyfriend quite a fright!
Hope you have a good day on Sat ...
M x

Sylvia said...

Oh my, such annoying visitors, Elaine !
And what a huge nest ... I can understand you're relieved ...
Have a nice week,

Retro Wren said...

Amazing size ! Beautiful wildlife pictures all through your blog lovely lady. Happy week. Xx

the woolly dog said...

A really nasty thing to have in the attic glad it was sorted for you. As sue above said, schools a great idea, my son took an old wasps nest to school and they loved it.
p.s. sorry for late comment, I've just discovered that some posts have come in a month late! same with the custards blog. xx

Peg said...

Oh my gosh that's rather large, every year we have hornets trying to nest in our garage. Thankfully we find the nests whilst small and get rid of them.

I hope yours keep away.

Peg x

Delia Ryder said...

Wow that is an amazing work of art nature really is wonderful. But yes wrong place and scary. dee x

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