Friday, January 31

smitten by a business card. . .

all the beautiful things I buy to sell leave a smile on my face,

some have monetary value, some intrinsic value,
and some have value to those who appreciate them
but are discarded by those who may not.

Two little business cards, in their original envelope,
an advertising gimmick of their day. . .

A joy to discover twixt pages of a book

  1. ephemera
    plural noun: ephemera
    1. 1.
      things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time.

Monday, January 27

think: SUMMER!

wishing you all an invincibly summery week!

Tuesday, January 14

Ta Da! New flyers hot off the press!

Ta Da! 
here's the new fair flyer for Vintage at the Village Hall

Monday, 24th March
The Corn Exchange, Market Place
Blandford Forum Dorset DT11 7AD

- I'm SOOO pleased with it!
Thanks to Bryony at Fresh Design who translates
my garbled messages, wallpaper snippets & colour-scheme ideas
and turns them into a fabulous flyer!

Sunday, January 12

keeping warm

Roger, the garden gnome grows a fine cloak of moss to keep warm

as does Martin (I think he's in there somewhere!)

This little Iris snuggles up to the chimney-breast on the outside wall,
pretends she's a hothouse flower and blooms away.

 I snuggle up to the woodburner on the inside wall and 
refuse to bloom until summer!

Thursday, January 9

brave little snowdrop!

the earth around its tiny bulb has been
clean washed away by all the rain,
but still the brave little snowdrop
bursts into bud to cheer
our January days. . .

thank-you, little snowdrop

Saturday, January 4

more squares

Here's the second batch of crochet squares for my sampler blanket.
I'm loving the beautiful yarns friends gave me for Christmas-
the purple is baby alpaca, the multicolour is like fine ribbon
 and the pink is pure cashmere,
lucky lucky me!
I was wondering should I crochet some plain coloured squares
to go amongst amongst the patterns?
what do you think?
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