Sunday, April 27

the view from my world this morning

just after I took the photo the heavens opened
and we got very wet but it was beautiful,
out in the early morning countryside

Tuesday, April 22

garden visitor

we've had rather a dapper visitor in the garden
for the past few weeks

I think his wife is nesting in the bushes 
behind the chicken run.

The only problem
is that wherever he roams

he has someone watching him. . .

Sunday, April 20


Julie says bad weather at holiday times is Natures way of
telling you to relax.

I spent the morning with the woodburner lit,
Easter eggs, choccy brownies, coffee and a good book.

I spent the afternoon pottering in the stables with dear Bruce.
He had a long groom, his hairy chin trimmed, 
de-tangler in his tail and a lovely scritch on his itchy spot.

G&T, cooking re-heated curry with noodles for supper.

Relax. . .indeedy. . .

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend

Friday, April 4

snakeshead fritilliary. . .wild in the garden. . .

Snakeshead Fritilliary, growing wild in the garden
zealously guarded by the stone gnome
 (who takes his duties VERY seriously!)

and snuggly nestling under a shrub,
 the other little clump have begun to open.

I never planted them, 
they just appeared and have flowered every spring
for the past 20-odd years. . .

Wednesday, April 2

in this months Homes& Antiques Magazine!

I've been featured in a fabulous 4-page spread
 in this months Homes&Antiques Magazine 
all about the 
Dairy House Textile Fair, where I'll be selling on 13th April!

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