Saturday, July 26

if you have Musophobia LOOK AWAY!!

whilst moving a pile of logs in the woodstack
to make room for for fresh supplies

we unwittingly disturbed this little chap
having his mid-morning snooze

apologies were made, the logs were replaced
and he remained safe and sound in his cosy acorn nest

Wednesday, July 9

PHEW. . .its finished!!

last Autumn I treated myself to a beginners crochet course
with the lovely Ali Campbell

and just before Christmas I asked all my dear friends for yarn,
and began to crochet a sampler blanket. . .

phew! I finished it today! 

it's been a learning curve to say the least
but I've loved every moment. . .

and yes, I'm well and truly hooked!

Wednesday, July 2

early one morning

In the distance, 
a field of blue linseed flowers greeting the sun on our early morning ride

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