Thursday, August 28

Bruce and I had a lovely country walk. 
I had lots to talk over with him (he's a very good listener) 
and he had a fair amount to tell me-
most importantly was that two deer 
were hiding in the trees behind us!

Sunday, August 10

an owl visitor!

a couple of weekends ago. . .
a summery Saturday afternoon at 5 o'clock to be precise

we noticed a visitor in the garden

sitting on the fence post surveying the surrounding field.

Very happy to have his photo taken, he posed this way and that
so the camera caught his best profile
before flying across the field to perch on the roadside fence
where he nearly caused a pile-up as cars slowed in amazement.

After half an hour spent hunting in the field
he had a well earned rest in the oak tree
next to the house

before gracefully swooping down
and silently taking his leave.

Doesn't get much better than that does it?

Sunday, August 3

warming your wings

in the early morning sunshine

this exquisite damsel fly stops a while to dry and warm his wings

how perfect is that?
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